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Day 243 – Where’s Wally goes back to work!

This Witchery skirt from around 2002 is a fav because I feel like I can Tango my way through the day … Perhaps not today as I fight this flu I am pretending not to have! Where’s Wally T from Sportsgirl always brightens my day so I hope it works. 20120831-091343.jpg
And who could have resisted a day like this?


Day 242 – love couldn’t keep the flu away!

With all the happy vibes floating around I didn’t think I’d be hit this year but crashed yesterday. Hoping that I can fight the good fight!


Day 241 – Good Bye Ugly Boots

Isn’t it funny how things work out? Just a few weeks ago I asked if these boots were hideous or not, I struggled with whether to wear them or not. Would people judge me on my butterfly bedazzled boots I selfishly asked …?
And now I have to quandary no more for they have fallen into a million pieces. As our spring approached, their autumn crept in and today as I walked through work, I left behind small pieces of their shattered soles.
They must have heard me.
The power of fashion and the judgements we make once again surprising me.



Day 240 – school stripes

No hand-me-downs and nothing really old today … Well not older than my dress purchased at Dogstar in 2006 while I was home from Hong Kong for holidays and they had a massive warehouse clearance and I shopped like there was no tomorrow!
It was after that that I realised I could go 2 weeks wearing Dogstar and not repeat an outfit! I just love this raspberry colour.
Is 6 years old for clothes? Lots of people tell me it is.


Day 239 – back to school

You’ve seen all this before just obviously not in this combo! Cue wooly skirt and hand-me-down pink top from my aunt to accompany me on my first day back teaching high school. Must remember everything I just taught my teacher training crew last month. I really chose these clothes today because I wanted to wear my spotty tights.

I did wonder, however, if it looked like I had simply walked through a cotton wool factory … This don’t have quite the wow factor of my Leona Edminston spotty tights.


Day 238 – Sunday Session

My souvenir T from the Elton John concert in Hong Kong 2004 with my Where’s Wally long-sleeved T and first day of shorts – Sportsgirl shorts purchased for Christmas 2000 – for the last weekend in winter. I know I have complained about the cold a lot but I must say I just love the end of Queensland winter – big warm blue skies and cool air. Definitely my most favourite time of year.

Happy Sunday one and all!

Day 236 – Graduation Day

So it was time to say goodbye after a great 8 weeks of teacher training my students – my teachers – are heading back overseas.


You may recognise the fabric in my skirt … my sister’s skirt … and my party flower. This is the skirt that goes with the top I had on, with my party flower, last Friday night. Tonight my party is s little more low key – off to Coorparoo Bowls Club for a drink at the Green Bar to celebrate a fabulous 8 weeks of writing, coordinating and teaching full time! On Monday I start again with a new group that I will be teaching 3 days a week so a big change of pace and some time to dedicate to the blogosphere and some creative pursuits.