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Where do all the good clothes go?

I spent the first week of the year wearing something new every day and that was really fun. Then when I went back to work it was great to not have to think about what I put on – mornings are a bit more relaxed! But now comes the hard part … Sorting out my wardrobe.
After each load of washing I am reluctant to put anything in the cupboard because I am just going to have to take it all back out one day … One day soon! I can honestly say I have been making lots of plans and been as busy as I possibly could be to avoid sorting out my wardrobe.
Then today I got a sign – sitting in my mail box when I got home was a bag from the RSPCA asking for donations of clothes. It is time. I have lots of great excuses now to sort out my wardrobe.
Time to start Wardrobe Workout II – The Spring Clean.



Day 366 Last Day, Last Outfit

Well this is it – the last outfit on the last day. That’s officially 366 days of different outfits every day from one wardrobe with no shopping. Some days there have been two or three outfits and none of them have been repeats; some days I haven’t blogged every outfit but at least one has been every day for the year.
The no shopping went really well – and I have made confession blogs for the things I did buy!
1) a great dress from my local supermarket on Day 4 that just got tonnes of wear!
2) an Alannah Hill dress in case of wedding bridesmaid emergency that hasn’t come out of the bag (we settled on me wearing an existing bridesmaid dress)
3) my outlet shopping in the States that’s in a bag ready to break out TOMORROW! Whatever will I choose?
So what can I tell you about this outfit? Well the theme at Coorparoo Bowls Club’s NYE party is New Orleans Bourbon Street blues bar so I knew I needed something to party in. I’m kicking off the night with family dinner and then will get to the bar in time to kiss my gorgeous man at midnight but my family don’t mind a bit of fancy dress!
This top was a gift from a woman I used to work with in Hong Kong who had two sons and always wished for a daughter. I was lucky enough to fill that gap for her for the four years I worked in Hong Kong. Due to its very sparkly nature it doesn’t actually get out very often but I thought tonight was the perfect opportunity. These pants are one of many hand-me-downs from my gorgeous, glamour aunt who nobody believes actually exists! She had them made in the 1980s.
I started my blog 366 days ago on new years eve as I entered 2012 in my hot pink pants and bright blue shirt so I’m taking out the year in sparkles and celebrations.
Thank you to my blog followers, Facebook followers, friends, family and everyone who has added to my wardrobe over the last 20-odd years (yes, that’s how long some of it has been around) thank you for your support, thank you for following, thank you for telling me that my blog has inspired you to shop your wardrobe and see what combinations there are and how fun accessorising can be! Thank you to those who told me my blog was worthwhile and it wasn’t just something silly and girly to do this year but something that has made people realise that we do shop too much and we can make tonnes of outfits from our wardrobes and that handing down clothes will make more stories and more exciting wardrobes. Thank you to all of those who have decided to take some time off shopping as well, I hope that the time was rewarding both monetarily and also in a way that helped you realise that your wardrobes have lots to offer. Even though only very few of us have lions and witches in our wardrobes, there are still some fabulous things, some wonderful stories and history, to be found when we dig through and play. Thank you to all of you who have given me hand-me-downs over the years. I can’t wait to wear anything that I received after mid-year as I haven’t worn any hand-me-downs since the middle of the year. Nothing added but lots gained.
And finally thank you to everyone who has taken photos for me throughout the year. I know it was painful and I really, really appreciated it especially those who were asked on multiple occasions: like Mum and Kaylee and every other day it was Tony who used all his creative inspiration to help make my blog photos more interesting and got me out from in front of my mirror!
Here’s to the great purge that starts tomorrow, starting with anything that has a hole! Interestingly that is mostly stuff bought in the last few years … And remember the last few years in my wardrobe is about 10 years!
Here’s to 2013 – HAPPY NEW YEAR!20121231-203939.jpg

First blog picture ever!


With my glamour aunt who gave me these pants – she is real!


Happy new year! May it be bright and shiny and full of fun, love and wonderful surprises.
With love from the Fashion Masher

Last Day – Part 1

Spending the last day of the year watching my siblings sale shopping! Well just getting to hang out with them which is a treat. My afternoon is at the movies with my niece and nephew to finally see Rise of the Guardians.
I needed something super comfy and cool with a cardigan option for the cinema.
I bought this groovy 60s kinda dress in Hong Kong and wore it in winter with a long-sleeved T and tights so today it gets to just chill out with me.


Day 335 – RIP this shirt ITS LAST WEAR EVER!

Only one month to go so time to start the great purge!
This shirt was purchased in H&M outside Toronto during my big Canada & USA tour in 2008. I had bought a lovely grey jumper that needed a button up shirt and collar under it and this was the chosen shirt. The combo went on many journeys together and plane rides across the continent then, upon returning to Australia, to work, with various pairs of pants and pencil skirts. This is the first piece to be purged after being afraid of throwing anything out in case I reached the end of the year with nothing to wear but my old school uniform. Yikes!

We felt a menswear catalogue photo shoot with a retrospective theme shot in the reflection of a safety mirror would be a fitting farewell… For some reason! We may have got carried away in a creative moment … But the menswear look works well with my navy Esprit pants. For a girlie touch I finished the outfit with a pink belt and pink sandals.

Tomorrow I need to make room in my cupboard so that the dressing up can come out of the spare room and into my cupboard and the spare room cupboard can officially belong to my boyfriend (and his seven shirts…I may be being mean … There might be 8). Wish me luck for the purge and let’s hope I find 31 brand new outfits to get me from here to 2013!

Day 204 – how do you solve a problem like ….

wearing something different every day for 1 year?
I’m not really complaining – I am loving the challenge and loving the creativity. I found a new (hand-me-down from my sister) belt and earrings for this dress this morning and mixed it up with a jumper too. Thanks for the tip Laura 🙂

Getting v excited re Singalong Sound of Music if you can’t tell by my titles!