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Day 180 – Remashing Day 17

Turned my East meets West dress into a winter outfit with an extra layer of another Cotton On long-sleeved T.

I love the detail of the buttons on this dress. And for the funny story of when I lived in Hong Kong and bought this dress – Check out Day 17 back in the January Archives.


Day 152 – Instant Remash

Sorry about the instant remash but these pants are the only thing I can wear and sit in all day now that I’m back at work! Trust me, I’m struggling with the limitations and the desire for something funky now that I’m home to the chills and thrills of Winter and a whole new range of wardrobe possibilities.
This Country Road jumper, for example, has done a lot of miles (pardon the pun) over the years – remember we have short, warm Winters here so wooly clothes don’t really get worn out! In fact usually the Queensland moths get to your woollies before time has a chance to play her part in the destruction of fav wardrobe items! My point is this jumper has done a lot of miles being paired with cool little skirts rather than over-sized Man Pants but plenty of time for that. I must in fact thank Laura Ashley for the softness of these pants and stop being mean!
I am going out tonight so I will get a chance to switch outfits … Look out for the cutest Aussie designer helping me step out of my Man Pants tonight! Can you guess who?
My only hint is … She really makes a girl feel girlie …

Oh if you’re wondering what the box behind the door is, yes? I know you want to know! It is blackboard heart stickers that come in a variety of sizes and are now decorating my toilet walls for graffiti purposes and GORGEOUSNESS!

Day 147 – Remashing the weekend blue & white

Last day in the USA.
Had some time outside before heading onto the plane. I wore this shirt with these shorts a few weeks ago tucked in with belt and ballet flats – the much more chilled out version was perfect for today: a trip to The Natural Gardener. What a beautiful place, I feel like I have been on a whirlwind tour of world gardens.

We got home and planted all the plants and had our last slice of Homeslice Pizza. Now all that’s left is shower and head to the airport. So long Texas and thank y’all for having us!