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Day 340 – Big Day Big Shoes

I started the day stressing out about the enormity ahead of me and I knew that a big splash of Banana Republic green, a Dogstar brooch for fun, Sportsgirl shorts for comfort and mega platforms for height were the only way to get through it!

At the other end it doesn’t seem as mega as it did at sunrise! I did my all-day teaching day across 2 campuses then headed straight to the hospital for a 3-hour radio show full of special guests like former prime minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd.

Followed swiftly by my special guest co-host DJ Big J who very kindly bought a night as a DJ at Radio Lollipop at our recent Gala Dinner.

We rocked the hospital!
Wow it has been super fun and all our special guests had a special time along with a big bunch of kids who we made smile with our groovy tunes and silly jokes!

Post Script:
I have added a pic where you can see the big shoes – The other could be having people wondering!



Day 339 – Rockin’ Out my R to L oh!

Not even in costume tonight for Radio Lollipop’s Kite Nite but we have a massive night tomorrow … Look forward to that post … So we prepped some guitars for Rock Music Night with lots of visitors in the quieter moments of this evening’s show.


Day 336 – Jungle Boogie

An important journalistic moment before the party kicked off to discover, in an in-depth interview, that this was Ronald’s 18th time with Radio Lollipop at the Mater Children’s Hospital celebrating our birthday.

He obviously took me very seriously dressed like this.
But there wasn’t much time to sit around and chat because I needed to head off and visit the kids around the hospital with my new friend, Hamburglar.

After a quick jungle boogie!

Day 335.2 – Put a star on my head and call me Christmas!

How could I resist this red Portmans dress and some green Christmas tree beads for the Annual Radio Lollipop Volunteers’ Christmas party?!

Suddenly realised that all my playing photos from the party celebrating another year of making kids in hospital smile were a bit dark and you couldn’t actually see my dress (hence the above photo!) but boy did we have fun!

This dress sure has a lot of tales to tell since being purchased around 2002 and coming to Hong Kong and back. A friend in Brisbane always used to say to me: Oh no not that dress! I thought we were going to have a quiet night!
Yep it is true – this dress knows how to have fun and loves awesome Charlie’s Angels poses!

Day 325 – Circus Night at Radio Lollipop

A night at the circus and home in time for the new to Aussie TV Grimm … Yikes so fun and cool – a combo of fairy tales and police detective story!


Day 307 – Part 2 – Never Accessorised Like This!

Our last fundraiser for the year and I’m here tonight as MC and in my very special role as Play Coordinator for Radio Lollipop.

Now you may be thinking that you’ve seen this dress before and you would be right. I wore it to the gorgeous confetti wedding a few weeks ago but I certainly didn’t accessories like this … After my zip broke 3 minutes before the first guests arrived I didn’t panic at all because it was nothing my Radio Lollipop name badge couldn’t fix!


Day 286 – Miss Lollipop 2012

It’s Radio Lollipop’s national fund raising day today so we can keep doing what we do – making life for kids in hospital a little less scary by making them smile through music and play.
Couldn’t think of a better reason to get out of bed at 4.45am – Brisbane is so beautiful at this time of day. Now to my most important job – make commuters smile and sell 1000 lollipops… Wish me luck!


In this outfit, how could I fail!