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Day 303 – Check this out!

Man pants are back and everyone commented at work that I never wear clothes like this … Did they miss the man pants era?



Day 151 – Friends of Man Pants

Back to work in clothes that don’t touch me anywhere!
Yesterday’s jeans lasted about 10 minutes after the photo was taken and I was back into my trackie pants and on the sofa! So to get back to work today, I knew I had to do nothing other than reach for pants from the hand-me-down section of my wardrobe, yes it’s “Friends of Man Pants”. Being even bigger and even softer, they were the easy choice. Then I took a train to work so no seatbelt will touch my stomach.
This is a whole new fashion direction I’m taking … Fashion by medical necessity! All these things I didn’t think I would need to take into consideration at the start of the year when I embarked on this project! But probably not for long … And I have been known to dress for comfort before today!
Oh so what am I wearing – Esprit Argyle knit jumper – actually kind of Man Jumper too! It always makes me feel like a male teacher from the 1930s or like I should be taking my automobile for a spin and a spot of fresh air. It has hot pink stripes though so perfect with my hot pink desert boots and lots of girlie. 20120531-132732.jpg

Day 82 – Man Pants Part 2: More Man Pants

These are also hand-me-down pants from my mum and I love them probably because they are black and comfy and still look black! Most of my black and comfy clothes don’t look black anymore because they get worn so much! Thanks Mum. Actually they would probably fit her again now that she goes to the gym or does Pilates every day … Maybe I should hide them!