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Day 119 – Who needs to shop when it’s time to play in the bottom shelf?!

It’s ok ’cause all the monsters were in the carpark!
I had so much fun rummaging through all the jumpers in the bottom of my wardrobe this week – I love a change of weather. Although I must admit I do struggle for a few days trying to work out what to wear at the start if a new season. What do you find harder – winter to summer or summer to winter?


Day 110 – part 2 – Day becomes Night

Got home from work and switched out my blue pants and silver ballet flats for skinny jeans and platforms, silver earrings for black and some party beads …. Wardrobe mash up complete- Ready for dinner!


Day 104 – part 2 taking my curls out for a night of yummy food and good music

Time to get the winter going out tops out of the wardrobe – we have had a big temperature drop. This one is from a little shop in London near where i used to live. Had to grab a jacket and an umbrella as I walked out the door. Taking my fav Gap skinnies and HK mega heels along for a night of fun!


Just a quick style up date from the dance floor – the 80s are so back hey?! I’m surrounded by studs, acid washed denim and leopard print. I’m loving it – I feel like I’m in a Molly Ringwald movie.

Day 68 – Part 2 – Haircut – The ultimate accessory

One thing I love about finishing work is being allowed to put on a pair of jeans. I kept my ribbon for International Women’s Day and my favourite jeans from the Gap outlet in Austin, Texas. Here is my before shot …