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Day 350 – Festivities

After breakfast at the Powerhouse and a wander by the river,


I headed to Ikea with Mum to get the last supplies before our Christmas visitors arrive. Look who we bumped into!



Day 342 – Vive la France & Sweden, too!

Once again my whole outfit revolved around my Birkenstocks and the need to wear a red shirt in honour of the peace we pray for for the Morcombe family who can finally bury their son 9 years after he disappeared.

Headed out to Ikea after work and picked up some v funky textile remnants that I hope will make some groovy new outfits for next year when I will have variety of a whole new sort!

Took one last look at my old hair before going to visit Scott for my new do.


Day 295 – I had no Ikea!

It is still spring – I don’t know why it is so hot!

Old faithful Sportsgirl shorts were the only bottoms that were simple and fitting enough to wear with this super frilly no-name top from a Hong Kong back street! Part of my theory that for my body type I shouldn’t wear tight and tight … My gorgeous boyfriend doesn’t know why this rule exists ’cause he wears tight jeans and a tight T for work everyday but we can’t all be 6 foot 4 and spunky!

This outfit worked perfectly for morning tea with old friends, a quick clean up at the bar and a trip to Ikea.