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Day 329 – Reunion 2 – old friends, new dress

Searching through my cupboard the other day I came across this little number that hasn’t made it out of the closet all year! The brief for tonight was Christmassy … This had enough red and green but I added a bauble just in case I got out Christmassed … Or in trouble for missing the Christmas brief! Oh and a lucky cat for err good luck!


I spotted this dress on an Italian singer at a concert in Hong Kong and lamented never being able to own it. The girl sitting next to me in the audience promptly told me exactly which little side street to hit to have one of my very own.

And the very next day I did.

Having not worn it in over a year, I wondered if I would love it still when I put it on. Well, luckily I only had 10 minutes to get ready so I couldn’t change my mind and really enjoyed wearing it all night. Not too hot, not too cool, extremely comfy and a little bit different from all the tiny dresses the much younger crowd were wearing at the Brunswick Social Club where you need plenty of room for dumplings! I felt like I was back in Hong Kong with their fabulous dumpling menu but was surrounded by friends from school from over 20 years ago and all along I was in Brisbane! What a great night!
For more info on the Brunswick Social Club, check out the review from Time Out:

Day 109 – 2nd attempt at business pants

So it seems everyone sees what you wear through very different eyes and even if you feel like you look a certain way, you may not be being perceived as such. You may recall yesterday my blog was called Business Time – I was wearing a button up collared shirt and straight legged black work looking pants (admittedly I bought them for a dress up party but that’s not helping my point;). I thought that look was pretty “work”.
Then I walked into the teachers room.
I got a really long up and down look with the comment “That’s a pretty casual look for you”. I was surprised and enquired “Because I’m not wearing a dress?” and the response was simply that perhaps I usually wear more colour. I think he meant …. This is hard for me to say …. That yesterday …. Deep breath …. I looked BORING!! AHHHH!!! Could it be possible??
All I can say is thank goodness I volunteer at a kids’ hospital radio station on Tuesday nights and spent the entire evening in a blonde wig with rosy cheeks and bright red lipstick … Oh if my colleague could have seen me then…sigh!
Anyway have attempted to redeem myself with a similar concept in a different colour scheme. I guess I could have worn my silver sequin dance shoes. This will have have to do.
After my all H&M day yesterday, an all Esprit day today worn with a sense of knowing that it’s ok to jazz up my outfits and accessorise like a demon and that I shall continue to do so – I clearly have a reputation to uphold!


See even the collar is interesting on this top!

Day 17 – My East Meets West Dress

This was a favourite amongst my Hong Kong students – Chinese style with Western fabric. It was just like me – they always asked me “Were you Chinese when you were born?”


Day 14 – Part 2


A rather different outfit for this Saturday’s visit to New Farm Park – a raspberry dress that feels like it’s made of fairy wings bought in the back streets of Causeway Bay in Hong Kong for my cousin’s wedding a few years ago and my charcoal 1940s-style shoes from outlets in Austin, Texas to match my charcoal flower.

Important lesson learnt – Don’t ask tall friends to take my photos ’cause it makes me look really short!

Day 8


Just before I Left Hong Kong, I was in a new suburban shopping centre and wandered into the Esprit store advertising 40 – 70% off – more super sales! I thought this little 100% cotton dress with cotton lining in charcoal would be great for job interviews and easy and light to carry everywhere in my backpack while I was still unsure where I would end up. Anyway, as you can see, it’s a little short for interviews but appropriately demure for mass!

At the time, going to mass regularly was particularly important because I was about to become a Godmother in New York ah hem let me say that again in the right voice (in the voice of Robert De Niro “A Godmother in New York” – better?). You get the picture – proof that I was a regular mass-goer, copies of all my ceremonies etc along with a reference from my current parish priest required. Needless to say, lots of early mornings at the cathedral required and my friends very kindly offered to meet me for breakfast after mass each Sunday. Well, the Sunday Breakfast Club became something of an institution and the beginning of some very dear friendships. One in particular was solidified the day I wore this dress. I showed up at the cafe, still glowing, fresh from the pew and my friend Tim (now it’s very important to do a gorgeous British accent with a dose of glee) hugged me and said “Oh darling, you dress for church. How lovely, I didn’t realise anyone did anymore!” I didn’t have the heart to tell him that in Bris-Vegas we rock up to mass fresh from the pool, hair still dripping, in shorts and thongs!

My mass dress pulled through today with an early service with my dear great aunt followed by a 6-hour stint of tidying the Radio Lollipop studio and, having forgotten to pack shorts and a t-shirt, kept me cool and comfy! Thanks super sales at Esprit 🙂