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Sportsgirl shorts and a pink top that, I just realised, has just been to its third massive family occasion. I bought it in Worcester, England when I was working there at a summer school.
After my Dad died in 2000, I moved back to Australia and a month later it was my birthday so I had a family birthday party to get everyone together for a happy reason. We went to Pancake Manor and had a pancakes in pink party and I wore this top.
Then, in 2004, we had a family reunion at the beach with all of Dad’s side of the family. We all got together from all over the world and I wore this top. We had a classic photo with me and my cousin and a family friend who were all born within days of one another and all lived together at different times in our young adult life. The others are tall guys and I look mini between them in this top before I started trapeze and got these bulging shoulders I have now;).
And finally today we got together at Coorparoo Bowls Club with old family friends, school friends and family to catch up while my siblings are all in Brisbane. It seems fitting that I should wear it! I only thought of it because I saw a woman at the beach wearing a top like this with little shortie shorts and it looked fab. I think I will still try that … When I’ve done a bit more exercise!

Just to round off the reunion feel my great old friend Cal was the musician today! Hurray!

Day 364 – another interesting collar

This funky top is in my all time most favourite great buys list. On a trip to the Valley Markets circa 2002, I came across the Ortarky stall and I loved this top. I knew it would be a conversation piece, different from everyone else’s summer tops and that I could show off Brisbane-made creativity wherever I went – all very important criteria for me. Rumour has it that Ortarky became Nelson Malloy but I must investigate that further. Anyway, after the storm yesterday it was still steamy this afternoon and I needed something cool to wear for cousins catch up barbecue so paired with Esprit dress shorts and bare feet it all balanced out.

Day 359 – we said I’d finish the year with nothing but a bikini!

No I am not desperate! There are still clothes in my suitcase it’s just that trying to get Vitamin D in a country where we wear sunscreen nearly every day is a big struggle. Doctors keep telling us that we are not getting enough Vitamin D and our bones are getting brittle. So in an attempt to get some sun, but not burn, we headed to the beach at 7 this morning to see the morning swimmers, get our feet wet and run on the sand. We also did some very important planning for our sand castle building later on today… when we are all covered in sunscreen!


Day 356 – I forgot about a tree!

Last day of school – my whole family has now arrived and we are ready to have a holiday and some file meals around the dinner table sharing the last two years and making plans for the future.


Day 353 – dreaming of holidays

Hand-me-down skirt from mum by Trent Resort and black Zara T to make me feel like I’m wearing my own clothes! Another “need to wear my Birks” day … I guess it’s just that time of year!