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Day 348 – Cobwebs & the Dress I thought I’d Never Wear

Did I really think I would wear something different for 366 days out of 1 wardrobe and not find cobwebs? Well, I did today!

A hand-me-down from many years ago that couldn’t get the flick one more time.
Shall I keep it? Take it up to be a bit shorter?
Or straight to the charity box?!
Be honest I can handle it.

Day 121 – A day of symmetry

Well it’s my last Monday in an office for a while as I officially become a casual teacher this week so here is an “at work” photo!
It’s my last week of work before heading off to the States and moving into hot holiday wear so I had better office-wear it up this week 😉
Back in my warm & wooly Laura Ashley pants and a hand-me-down top from my aunt.



Day 93 – making the most of short-sleeved clothes

Often, in Brisbane, the day after Easter the temperature is suddenly cooler. Mornings become crisper. Evenings are fresh. I am going to wear as much summery stuff as I can over the next 4 days because I get the feeling I’ll be switching to the cosier, longer-sleeved side of my wardrobe soon.
This is a hand-me-down top from my aunt and a first time wear for me with the old fav Satchmo pants.


Day 82 – Man Pants Part 2: More Man Pants

These are also hand-me-down pants from my mum and I love them probably because they are black and comfy and still look black! Most of my black and comfy clothes don’t look black anymore because they get worn so much! Thanks Mum. Actually they would probably fit her again now that she goes to the gym or does Pilates every day … Maybe I should hide them!


Day 72 – Man Pants

I used to call these trousers my man pants but I realised today I should be wearing them on my waist not my hips! I’ve gone for half way. They are a hand-me-down from my mum and I love wearing them because they are comfy and snazzy and I feel like Mum, circa 1984, taking us on safari in Kenya.
Now this shirt really has a story because it was my costume for my first choir show when j joined Kassia in Hong Kong after 15 years without a choir and the theme was COWGIRLS! Yee haa!
Lots of favourite things in one day.


Day 67 – A day at school and a trip to the theatre

Love this top from Sam’s wardrobe clean-up.


Day 51 – I was told I look “very Chanel”

What a gorgeous compliment and one of the very rare times the name ‘Chanel’ will appear in my fashion blog apart from the occasional quote. Once again a favourite hand-me-down from my very elegant aunt and my Marilyn Monroe shoes … Also a rare name in this blog mostly due to lack of hour-glass-ness on my part!