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Day 326 – curiosity killed the …

I always wondered what was in that door …


Day 298 – could there be any more patterns?

Yesterday I saw a girl wearing a leopard print top with a striped skirt. I thought it was brave and I wondered if I could get away with it … So today I decided to mix and match my horizontal and vertical stripes oh and don’t forget a dash of red flower action thanks to my Hamb T.


Day 282 – Hambing it Up!

Found another way to wear my gorgeous Hamb T since the chocolate ice cream incident!


Day 248 – Blue September

Blue September is about getting men’s health out in the open and getting them talking about prostate cancer. I saw a whole segment on The Project last night on Channel Ten here in Australia – another chance for me to use the power of fashion to spread a message! I didn’t lose my Dad to prostate cancer (it was lung cancer) but the remaining men in my life are very dear to me and men’s health is a cause I want to get out there… Just wait for Movember (I may have done some party shop shopping while in the States in May – I like to be prepared).
This awesome striped T, kicking off my blue bits, is by a Melbourne designer called Hamb (just checked the website and sales are on YAY!!) and it was a gift from super-fashion Sam when I got my job here in Australia in 2009. I dropped chocolate ice cream on it a little while ago (sorry Sam!) so it is stained and I can’t really get away with it except under something – very sad but next year (when I can shop again) I will jump on line for a new one!
My belt is a mystery – label says Hadley Poller – my brother bought it for me in Austin, Texas for Christmas about 4 years ago.
I thought about wearing my blue shoes with my black tights… Would that have been a fashion faux-pas?


Day 175 – wrapping up

Still chilly, still wrapped in a hundred layers! The stripes on my t-shirt are from my super groovy, Melbourne-based Hamb t-shirt and my purple Dogstar brooch are adding a spot of colour.