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Where do all the good clothes go?

I spent the first week of the year wearing something new every day and that was really fun. Then when I went back to work it was great to not have to think about what I put on – mornings are a bit more relaxed! But now comes the hard part … Sorting out my wardrobe.
After each load of washing I am reluctant to put anything in the cupboard because I am just going to have to take it all back out one day … One day soon! I can honestly say I have been making lots of plans and been as busy as I possibly could be to avoid sorting out my wardrobe.
Then today I got a sign – sitting in my mail box when I got home was a bag from the RSPCA asking for donations of clothes. It is time. I have lots of great excuses now to sort out my wardrobe.
Time to start Wardrobe Workout II – The Spring Clean.



Day 286 – Miss Lollipop 2012

It’s Radio Lollipop’s national fund raising day today so we can keep doing what we do – making life for kids in hospital a little less scary by making them smile through music and play.
Couldn’t think of a better reason to get out of bed at 4.45am – Brisbane is so beautiful at this time of day. Now to my most important job – make commuters smile and sell 1000 lollipops… Wish me luck!


In this outfit, how could I fail!



Day 259 – WOW!!

We spent this morning in the

having a great time raising money for Radio Lollipop at our first ever fundraiser lawn bowls morning tea at Coorparoo Bowls Club.

Look who came to visit!

Thank to everyone who helped and all the hard work and thank you to everyone who came, sponsored and supported and made it a great success.


Day 254 – yikes not again!

A massive day and 2 outfits down. Once again I am in bed having had on my work clothes – kaki Dogstar pants with pink and navy striped poncho and multi- coloured glitter shoes for work, meeting at about fundraiser, trip to Officeworks to print giant multicoloured lollipops, then home to switch into Radio Lollipop uniform to go to butcher to order sausages for sausage sizzle at the fundraiser then do my shift at the hospital and fundraiser meeting where I appear to have left my voice … And my memory that I am supposed to do a photo every day!
Apparently you’re not missing out … I don’t usually do tight with tight or baggy with baggy but I broke my own fashion rule today and did baggy pants with a poncho – an outfit voted as “not bad but not seriously hot”. That was ok as I spent the second half in a uniform involving jeans and sneakers – another personal fashion rule slain in one fell swoosh!
Anyway I am in bed with no outfits left to photograph but jammies so I leave you with the poster for our fabulous day coming up on Sunday! It has been much more important than my outfits today.


Day 253 – totally forgot to even do a photo!

OK so on Sunday my Radio Lollipop team is running a fundraiser – each team needs to try and raise some money to support our craft, games and activities that we run with the kids in hospital to try and make life a bit more bearable for them and their families. We even make them smile!
I have obviously been completely in go go planner mode ’cause yesterday I forgot to do a photo then got undressed and hopped into bed and saw my clothes on the floor and thought YIKES I’ll just spread them out to do my shot! So this is what I had on yesterday 🙂