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Sportsgirl shorts and a pink top that, I just realised, has just been to its third massive family occasion. I bought it in Worcester, England when I was working there at a summer school.
After my Dad died in 2000, I moved back to Australia and a month later it was my birthday so I had a family birthday party to get everyone together for a happy reason. We went to Pancake Manor and had a pancakes in pink party and I wore this top.
Then, in 2004, we had a family reunion at the beach with all of Dad’s side of the family. We all got together from all over the world and I wore this top. We had a classic photo with me and my cousin and a family friend who were all born within days of one another and all lived together at different times in our young adult life. The others are tall guys and I look mini between them in this top before I started trapeze and got these bulging shoulders I have now;).
And finally today we got together at Coorparoo Bowls Club with old family friends, school friends and family to catch up while my siblings are all in Brisbane. It seems fitting that I should wear it! I only thought of it because I saw a woman at the beach wearing a top like this with little shortie shorts and it looked fab. I think I will still try that … When I’ve done a bit more exercise!

Just to round off the reunion feel my great old friend Cal was the musician today! Hurray!


Day 359.2 – Family time

We headed to the Christmas service tonight and I sat with my 2 goddaughters who are with us this Christmas. What a lovely family time!


Day 198 – funeral day

We said a very unexpected good-bye to my gorgeous great aunt today. The sweetest woman, a wonderful nun, an inspiring family member. After many tears and much laughter over loving family memories, we all managed to get to the point we could smile and be grateful for the love she shared with all of us.
Thank you Ursula for your kindness, courage, stories and sense of fun and adventure. Rest in peace.

Loving memories of Ursula in my blog this year:



Day 85 – Family Breakfast

These culottes are an a big fav since being on the most wanted list after Fashion Week. I went to the Fashion Week Dogstar show and fell in love with these pants not realising that a 6-foot model has a bit more leg on me! When I first tried them on I was really disappointed that my legs weren’t longer 😉 I went back another day and tried them on again and thought about how I could dress them up and down and how much I love them AND it was end of season super sales so I had to have them.
Since then have just loved owning them. Today they were perfect because there were lots of babies and lots of action so I needed to be able to sit on the floor, run up and down stairs, pick up babies and catch up with all my cousins, aunties and uncles.