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Day 283 – culottes are back

It’s really heating up and I thought I was ready today for my first bare legged day. I always find it amazing during the transition from winter to summer that we ever felt cold enough to wear layers of wool and then in the summer to winter shift I can never believe a tiny sundress was ever enough. Brisbane is in the full swing of spring with highs of 35 and lows of 15, hot one day, mild the next.
But enough about the weather, you’d think I was lost for conversation when really all that needs to be said is: it’s the right weather for sparkly ballet flats and that means … perfect!



Day 85 – Family Breakfast

These culottes are an a big fav since being on the most wanted list after Fashion Week. I went to the Fashion Week Dogstar show and fell in love with these pants not realising that a 6-foot model has a bit more leg on me! When I first tried them on I was really disappointed that my legs weren’t longer 😉 I went back another day and tried them on again and thought about how I could dress them up and down and how much I love them AND it was end of season super sales so I had to have them.
Since then have just loved owning them. Today they were perfect because there were lots of babies and lots of action so I needed to be able to sit on the floor, run up and down stairs, pick up babies and catch up with all my cousins, aunties and uncles.