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Day 363 – First time for everything

This shirt still had the dry cleaning tags on it from Hong Kong – That means it’s been in the wardrobe unworn for 4 years…yikes! Easy to pack for my everything-not-yet-worn holiday wardrobe.


I had forgotten how much I love it. It’s really just a tiny triangle of silk from Jim Thompson so therefore easy to lose in a wardrobe – my splurge purchase in Bangkok in about 2005. It is just the perfect top on a hot steamy afternoon while we have friends over for a barbecue and wait for evening storm.



Day 362 – Vintage Sunset

This gorgeous hand-me-down made in the 1970s is from an old family friend who passed away in 1996. I wear it with love every time. I have been saving it up for this week of holidays and a date with my gorgeous boyfriend.


Day 361 – Boxing Day Blue

My family were suspicious that I had introduced a new top but I actually bought it in the Boxing Day sales in Sydney in 2002 just before my sister got married in January 2003. So it’s nearly 10 years old!
These shorts were an emergency buy when I got home to Brisbane one time from Hong Kong and it was super hot and needed something cool and comfy. They didn’t get much love for ages but every now and then I find a top that really works – might be the physics of tight and baggy at play again.

Did a close-up pic so you can see the cool collar 😉 I can’t go past navy and white for summer fresh.


Day 360.2 – Christmas Sparkles

So my brother told his daughter I was a poser and I thought I had better live up to it!


Day 360 – Christmas Morning Pyjama Party

Wearing and playing with all our Christmas presents in our PJs – Dream Christmas morning!


Day 359.2 – Family time

We headed to the Christmas service tonight and I sat with my 2 goddaughters who are with us this Christmas. What a lovely family time!


Day 359 – we said I’d finish the year with nothing but a bikini!

No I am not desperate! There are still clothes in my suitcase it’s just that trying to get Vitamin D in a country where we wear sunscreen nearly every day is a big struggle. Doctors keep telling us that we are not getting enough Vitamin D and our bones are getting brittle. So in an attempt to get some sun, but not burn, we headed to the beach at 7 this morning to see the morning swimmers, get our feet wet and run on the sand. We also did some very important planning for our sand castle building later on today… when we are all covered in sunscreen!