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Day 175 – wrapping up

Still chilly, still wrapped in a hundred layers! The stripes on my t-shirt are from my super groovy, Melbourne-based Hamb t-shirt and my purple Dogstar brooch are adding a spot of colour.


Day 171 – Jumper Dress

Am heading back to the chilly campus today and am taking my new cough along with me so I decided to rug up and start the day with a cappuccino even before I got my lipstick on. I think I got these boots back just in time for our big temperature drop – you know what I’m talking about here … A max of 21 degrees!
My favourite part of this outfit is my brooch. As you know, I love shopping at Dogstar. So naturally throughout my year of no shopping I have only spent time drooling at Dogstar! Well earlier in the year a friend gave me this gorgeous brooch from Dogstar knowing how much I love their stuff and how important accessories would be for me this year when I started running out of clothes! Very thoughtful and very lovely. Look how pretty it is.