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Day 293 – Back to the Future

Not only is this the week Marty McFly (AKA Michael J Fox my grade 7 pin-up boy) went forward to in his movie Back to the Future, but yesterday I wore the outfit that made me want to go back to my first year teaching with no outfits repeated. So I decided to wear an outfit comprising of all clothes that are definitely not in the soon to go in the bin pile – my future wardrobe!
The best thing about wearing everything to death for a year is that things I was having a lot of trouble parting with because they were expensive or didn’t seem to get worn much, have now been worn so much that I have to throw them out.


STOP PRESS: I just did a bit of Back to the Future research only to discover the 2012 date was a hoax! Apparently in the movie it’s 2015 which, as the writer in points out, gives us 3 more years to plan a party 🙂 I need to get the movie out on DVD and watch it all again!
Where are my leg warmers?


Gap dress from outlet shopping Texas 2009 with hand-me-down belt from my sister and jacket from my aunt.