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Day 341 – Flowers I mean PHOTOBOMB Thursday




Day 334 – Hero Belt or Fashion No-No?

I had a big hunt through my belt box the other day looking for a different belt and came across this one. Just for something different I thought it would look interesting on this dress.
I hoped it would be the funky hero of the outfit … Did I succeed or did I break some fashion rules?


Day 321 – birthday prep

Yes, I did choose my outfit purely so I could wear my new necklace!


Day 317 – My Birthday Accessories

Can you tell how much I love my new necklace I got for my birthday?

Here it is at work helping me cut my cake.

And here it is at Radio Lollipop management meeting helping me blow out my candles! And it goes so well with new earrings from Mum.

Day 307 – Part 2 – Never Accessorised Like This!

Our last fundraiser for the year and I’m here tonight as MC and in my very special role as Play Coordinator for Radio Lollipop.

Now you may be thinking that you’ve seen this dress before and you would be right. I wore it to the gorgeous confetti wedding a few weeks ago but I certainly didn’t accessories like this … After my zip broke 3 minutes before the first guests arrived I didn’t panic at all because it was nothing my Radio Lollipop name badge couldn’t fix!


Day 301 – Take Me Home Country Road

Walking through the city today I saw a beautiful girl riding a really gorgeous bicycle and I thought I hope she is an ad. Then I noticed the basket on the front was full of Country Road summer brochures. And there I was in a Country Road dress.
I bought this dress when I first came back to Australia to work in 2000 and needed some Brisbane workwear after being in London where things are chillier and how can I say … blacker? … at work.
I realise this isn’t super colourful but I usually make up for it in turtle necks / Ts / accessories with lots of colour. In weekend mode today I had this cheery, colourful brochure at my side to brighten things up. Soon we’ll be accessorising with smiles – my favourite accessory – ’cause I’m off to a Baby Shower with lots of lovely ladies. We don’t know if it’s a girl or a boy so neutral wardrobe required! It does match my present bag:

Although someone recommended a bottle shop voucher, I ended up with soothing baby bubble bath by Jurlique for a relaxed baby and mama.


Day 285 – Inappropriate!!

I don’t want to go on about the weather again but I got up at 5.30 to pick up Mum from the airport and had no idea it was going to be 17 degrees today so I realise this summery outfit doesn’t really work! Oh it’s been stormy all day too – I’m pretty sure there is some kind of fashion rule about wearing ice cream colours when it’s stormy.
But what a fun day – after catching up with Mum I went to pick up the wedding present for Saturday and got to drop it off, too.
Joy and love are the best accessories and chilly day warmers.