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Supermarket Superdress II

I am a really good bus catcher – having only got my license in the last couple of years, I could work for Brisbane City Council with my knowledge of buses. But I had a migraine earlier in the week and accidentally took the wrong bus in my hazed state. My lovely man came and got me and we needed food for dinner so we headed to Coles at Greenslopes.
As readers of my blog from last year will know, I bought a fabulous dress on about Day 4 of my no shopping blog and needed to do a big confession but couldn’t resist this find between bread and deodorant!

It was too good a story to tell!
Well once again I believe I have hit the dress jackpot with this great charcoal and black striped jersey dress. So comfy and so easy to wear – the perfect teaching dress. Check out your local supermarket!
Oh and it had been reduced twice so it was cheaper than our chicken at $12!


I do! I shopped! I said YES!

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You may remember my gorgeous hunky boyfriend who featured a couple of times in my blog last year, well he asked me to marry him and I said YES! And I have been saying yes a lot more this year …

Thanks to all my new followers who have told me they have been inspired to try not shopping for a bit. It really is only hard for a little while, I promise 🙂

And for me, it finally happened! After a year and a half of not shopping and putting new clothes on the very next day I can finally do it. You’re right, you’re right, I did shop in May last year at the outlets in America but it all went into a bag and lived in the top of the wardrobe till January 1 this year so as not to add to my 2012 wardrobe for my year of mixing and matching and no repeat outfits.

I found it really hard to break the no shopping habit. I have tried on lots of things including a really great Karen Millen dress at Myer 2 weeks ago. It cost $169 and I told myself I could buy it once I had sold some clothes. After making just $27 at the car boot sale I just couldn’t justify it! But yesterday was uni market day so prices were more affordable and I could put it on the very next day. So here it is, my first new item worn the very next day in one year and 5 months.

And I’m happy to say, the people who shopped at the car boot sale got some great bargains and the RSPCA got 4 bags of clothes – some to sell and some to use for animal bedding. Even better, my gorgeous boyfriend became my FIANCÉ and his clothes fit in the cupboard with mine 🙂


Day 356 – I forgot about a tree!

Last day of school – my whole family has now arrived and we are ready to have a holiday and some file meals around the dinner table sharing the last two years and making plans for the future.


Day 355 – Australian Christmas colours

This gorgeous Esprit skirt always gets lots of Christmas action here in Brisbane where it can be about 35 degrees this time of year. And I love to wear it with this hot pink Top Shop T because there is a bush here that comes out at Christmas time called the Lillipilly and it has glossy green leaves, pink leaves and pink berries. This combo reminds me of it.


Day 354 – A Touch of Christmas

Green shirt by Veronica Maine, red shoes by Charles and Keith in Singapore and skirt by Dogstar.


Day 353 – dreaming of holidays

Hand-me-down skirt from mum by Trent Resort and black Zara T to make me feel like I’m wearing my own clothes! Another “need to wear my Birks” day … I guess it’s just that time of year!


Tango Tango 352

Tango skirt was still out after being de-outfitted the other day so it finally got worn today!