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I do! I shopped! I said YES!

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You may remember my gorgeous hunky boyfriend who featured a couple of times in my blog last year, well he asked me to marry him and I said YES! And I have been saying yes a lot more this year …

Thanks to all my new followers who have told me they have been inspired to try not shopping for a bit. It really is only hard for a little while, I promise 🙂

And for me, it finally happened! After a year and a half of not shopping and putting new clothes on the very next day I can finally do it. You’re right, you’re right, I did shop in May last year at the outlets in America but it all went into a bag and lived in the top of the wardrobe till January 1 this year so as not to add to my 2012 wardrobe for my year of mixing and matching and no repeat outfits.

I found it really hard to break the no shopping habit. I have tried on lots of things including a really great Karen Millen dress at Myer 2 weeks ago. It cost $169 and I told myself I could buy it once I had sold some clothes. After making just $27 at the car boot sale I just couldn’t justify it! But yesterday was uni market day so prices were more affordable and I could put it on the very next day. So here it is, my first new item worn the very next day in one year and 5 months.

And I’m happy to say, the people who shopped at the car boot sale got some great bargains and the RSPCA got 4 bags of clothes – some to sell and some to use for animal bedding. Even better, my gorgeous boyfriend became my FIANCÉ and his clothes fit in the cupboard with mine 🙂


Day 322 – Packing up the 80s

Only one thing could accessorise my new birthday pyjama pants and my Bonds singlet – this scrummy toile apron with buttons for little towels and other things you may like to take with you as you clean. This apron makes you want to clean … Talk about the power of fashion!


Day 316 – Sweet As!

Today is Sweet As Sunday at Coorparoo Bowls Club – celebrating all things New Zealand. I thought I would be at home in the morning getting some work done, head over to the club for lunch and laughs and then back home to finish my work but when the wind picked up and rained threatened we had a call asking if upstairs at the club was free. So we headed down hours earlier than expected with 1 minute to get dressed … With no time to design a whole new outfit, the safest thing was to put 2 shirts I know I have worn but never together on at the same time.
On arrival, I find my young Kiwi friend who has spent ages putting his outfit together – his All Blacks T, brown shorts which are the colour of the kiwi bird, red socks that say “Team New Zealand” and blue shoes the colour of a big, blue Kiwi sky. You can choose your clothes to say so much, can’t you?
Choice bro!


Day 301 – Take Me Home Country Road

Walking through the city today I saw a beautiful girl riding a really gorgeous bicycle and I thought I hope she is an ad. Then I noticed the basket on the front was full of Country Road summer brochures. And there I was in a Country Road dress.
I bought this dress when I first came back to Australia to work in 2000 and needed some Brisbane workwear after being in London where things are chillier and how can I say … blacker? … at work.
I realise this isn’t super colourful but I usually make up for it in turtle necks / Ts / accessories with lots of colour. In weekend mode today I had this cheery, colourful brochure at my side to brighten things up. Soon we’ll be accessorising with smiles – my favourite accessory – ’cause I’m off to a Baby Shower with lots of lovely ladies. We don’t know if it’s a girl or a boy so neutral wardrobe required! It does match my present bag:

Although someone recommended a bottle shop voucher, I ended up with soothing baby bubble bath by Jurlique for a relaxed baby and mama.


Day 278 – My Big Fat Gypsy School Day

I am usually a no tv or documentary only kind of a girl – not in a snobby way, just eternally curious. With an hour to spare last night I stumbled across a great such doco all about creatures that survived the event that killed off dinosaurs. You know, the evolution of the green sea turtle over the last 220 million years … Give or take.
In the ads, in my folly, I flicked and abruptly halted when the screen was filled with chiffon and crystals drowning a young girl attending her first holy communion in a dress twice her body weight.
This is how it came to pass that I saw my first ever episode of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.
I was fascinated. I thought the show was just going to be about big, frilly wedding gowns but it was a real insight into traveller culture. But while looking for a link to share I was saddened to come across this article featuring the couple and the dress from last night’s episode:
On a cheerier note, the colours and dancing were fabulous, my favourite part was how all the girls pose for their photos – more posing I say!
I was inspired and my friend at work today suggested I give one of the poses a shot – talk about how to make a boring outfit feel a little more fab. Not that any of the outfits in the show are boring … Just mine as I arose at 4am for airport duty then went straight to work at 5.30am.
Will that make up for arriving by the skin of my teeth yesterday?
More importantly, can a great pose save a boring outfit?
Is this a power stronger than the power of fashion? Only time will tell – may the experiments begin: