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Day 316 – Sweet As!

Today is Sweet As Sunday at Coorparoo Bowls Club – celebrating all things New Zealand. I thought I would be at home in the morning getting some work done, head over to the club for lunch and laughs and then back home to finish my work but when the wind picked up and rained threatened we had a call asking if upstairs at the club was free. So we headed down hours earlier than expected with 1 minute to get dressed … With no time to design a whole new outfit, the safest thing was to put 2 shirts I know I have worn but never together on at the same time.
On arrival, I find my young Kiwi friend who has spent ages putting his outfit together – his All Blacks T, brown shorts which are the colour of the kiwi bird, red socks that say “Team New Zealand” and blue shoes the colour of a big, blue Kiwi sky. You can choose your clothes to say so much, can’t you?
Choice bro!


Day 146 – Icons of SoCo

Second last day of holiday and time for an explore on South Congress.

It was a really hot day so shorts and t-shirt was my only option and a hat, of course, because I come from Queensland. These are my Zara shorties and another Target special stripy T!

Checked out a couple of fav stores and then had my last lunch at Gueros.


Day 145 – That Thursday T-Shirt Feeling

The only problem with chronicling everything you wear is that you realise patterns like for the three Thursdays I have been in Austin, I have worn this stripy t-shirt. Now everyone knows how much I love a stripy t-shirt but it must really be time to get back to Brisbane, out if my suitcase and into some winter clothes! Although I would like to thank Target for their fabulous stripy t-shirt sale at the end if last year – what would I have done without it?
I think I forget how gorgeous and casual things are in Austin and I don’t think I do casual very well. I have a tendency towards extreme casual at the weekend/on holiday and just go the shorts and t-shirt route every time. I packed flowing tops to wear over little shorty shorts and probably just forgot that I would be spending most of my time at music class, swim school and sitting on the floor having fabulous tea parties with a bear, a dog and a scrumptious 1 year old!
It’s been a fabulous holiday and I’m not wishing away my last few precious days but really just apologising for the monotony of the Thursday Stripy T-Shirt while I was trapped in the prison of my own dodgy packing! OK off to swim class.


Day 138 – party prep part 1

So on Sunday morning we have the first birthday party and we spent last night brainstorming. We now have a plan of attack and part 1 is going to a shop called Party City which we have been guaranteed will make all our party dreams come true.
I am dressed for comfort and efficiency as we need to get all party requirements between swimming lessons and baby lunch – we need to move in and move out.


Day 132 – Dressed for Shopping

It was outlet shopping day today so when I finish the year I can throw out all the really old clothes in my wardrobe and have a refresh … Already dreaming of all the space I am going to make in my shelves!


Day 127 – Games Day on the lawn

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On a glorious Brisbane day, we’re chilling on the lawn and playing A groovy game called Finska




Day 116 – Where’s Wally goes to the Walley

Public holiday was a great opportunity to catch up with a friend who lives overseas and she took my picture for me and commented on my Where’s Wally top. Been a while since this gorgeous Target top came out for the day so I took the cooler weather as my cue to get into jeans and a t-shirt. When I was younger, I didn’t like wearing what everyone else wore so I never wore jeans and a t-shirt and now I know why everyone loves that combo!