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Day 322.2 – Exhibitionist

Had dinner at Verve to show off my gorgeous boyf’s fab photo exhibition.

Gap jeans, Supre obi and my student designer top from uni markets on a background of amazing multicoloured trucks lights on long exposure.

So proud, so exciting. Go and check out the exhibition of mind-bending colour and shapes at Verve. Nothing is quite what you think it is…

Day 292 – Back to the Beginning

This used to be my favourite outfit circa 2006 after my sister bought me this fab T from Top Shop in 3 colours for Christmas and I found this obi at Supre in 2 colours. I had had this Sportsgirl skirt for ages – loved by students all over the world who called it the witch skirt!
Apparently I used to wear this combo a lot on Tuesdays back in the days when I could wear the same thing more than once (pre-2012 wardrobe challenge) as a class I taught once a week mentioned to their main teacher that I always wore the same thing. Can you imagine my horror?! That really spurred me on to be more creative! I must say though that this year I have missed re-wearing great discovery combos but only about 70 days to go … And I wouldn’t have discovered the great discovery combos if I wasn’t being so creative with my wardrobe.