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Sportsgirl shorts and a pink top that, I just realised, has just been to its third massive family occasion. I bought it in Worcester, England when I was working there at a summer school.
After my Dad died in 2000, I moved back to Australia and a month later it was my birthday so I had a family birthday party to get everyone together for a happy reason. We went to Pancake Manor and had a pancakes in pink party and I wore this top.
Then, in 2004, we had a family reunion at the beach with all of Dad’s side of the family. We all got together from all over the world and I wore this top. We had a classic photo with me and my cousin and a family friend who were all born within days of one another and all lived together at different times in our young adult life. The others are tall guys and I look mini between them in this top before I started trapeze and got these bulging shoulders I have now;).
And finally today we got together at Coorparoo Bowls Club with old family friends, school friends and family to catch up while my siblings are all in Brisbane. It seems fitting that I should wear it! I only thought of it because I saw a woman at the beach wearing a top like this with little shortie shorts and it looked fab. I think I will still try that … When I’ve done a bit more exercise!

Just to round off the reunion feel my great old friend Cal was the musician today! Hurray!

Day 340 – Big Day Big Shoes

I started the day stressing out about the enormity ahead of me and I knew that a big splash of Banana Republic green, a Dogstar brooch for fun, Sportsgirl shorts for comfort and mega platforms for height were the only way to get through it!

At the other end it doesn’t seem as mega as it did at sunrise! I did my all-day teaching day across 2 campuses then headed straight to the hospital for a 3-hour radio show full of special guests like former prime minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd.

Followed swiftly by my special guest co-host DJ Big J who very kindly bought a night as a DJ at Radio Lollipop at our recent Gala Dinner.

We rocked the hospital!
Wow it has been super fun and all our special guests had a special time along with a big bunch of kids who we made smile with our groovy tunes and silly jokes!

Post Script:
I have added a pic where you can see the big shoes – The other could be having people wondering!


Day 338 – The Mullet Wardrobe Returns

I started the day at work but was asked to leave a moment later as a rash on my hand from too much weekend cleaning was mistaken for hand foot and mouth disease. As it is super contagious obviously no one can have anything like that and be at school. Didn’t even have time to get a pic before I was sent home!
Needless to say, once you see the pic, I left the top of my work outfit on – Zara and birthday necklace – and switched to Sportsgirl shorts on the bottom because it was hot. Then I finished the massive “To Do” list of things that didn’t get done amongst all the washing and trips up and down to the clothes line at the weekend. Oh and birthday partying at Radio Lollipop.

I was totally in business mode up the top where it counts and chilled and cool in the bottom. Got lots done and got the all clear to go back to work.

Day 337 – Still Clowning Around


Day 330 – Fluoro Revival is Mine!!

My Cotton On man shirt and Sportsgirl shorts were the combo I needed to accompany my red Birks.
I knew a lot of walking was required to take my mum and my aunt shopping … But we did take a couple of breaks.
I couldn’t miss this photo opportunity!


The highlight was finding something I could buy in Fluoro! I saw a kid wearing these shoes the other day and I asked her mother if they came in big sizes … Well a little bit bigger than kids’ anyway! Here they are!

I have been allowed to buy shoes this year as I had to throw so many pairs out last year so shoes were my key to not missing out on Fluoro! Hurray!!

Day 323 – Sunday Session


Day 295 – I had no Ikea!

It is still spring – I don’t know why it is so hot!

Old faithful Sportsgirl shorts were the only bottoms that were simple and fitting enough to wear with this super frilly no-name top from a Hong Kong back street! Part of my theory that for my body type I shouldn’t wear tight and tight … My gorgeous boyfriend doesn’t know why this rule exists ’cause he wears tight jeans and a tight T for work everyday but we can’t all be 6 foot 4 and spunky!

This outfit worked perfectly for morning tea with old friends, a quick clean up at the bar and a trip to Ikea.