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Day 276 – Remashing MAC Red and Lavender


Day 276 – Remashing MAC Red and Lavendar


Day 215 – MORE colour

Zara green, vintage violet and Leona Edminston Ruby rainbow frock oh and a purple fishnet Friday fiesta for fun!


Day 159 – Lavender and MAC Red

This dress is part of the treasure I received when my friend Sam moved house and into a smaller wardrobe. I must admit I spent a long girlie morning experimenting with red belts and purple belts, trying to match all the colours in the fabric. Luckily the blue is light enough to wear with black tights and shoes because it is still cold and I need lots of layers! And the purple belt and MAC red lips won out.
Maybe in summer if I’m brave and start exploring the world of the nude shoe I could try that.
Any other ideas about accessories for this very pretty Leona Edminston number?