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Fashion Mashie Wardrobe Up for Sale

Good bye to my Fashion Mashie wardrobe $5 a piece. I’m at Coorparoo Bowls Club’s Car Boot Sale today – it is time to sell the things that didn’t go to the RSPCA. We dropped 4 bags off at their thrift in February and today is part 2 of getting ready to buy more clothes. I obviously broke the habit but I am starting a new job in a week and I would like to buy some new clothes for my fresh start.
Just need to make some money so I can afford to shop again!


Day 310 – All Laura Ashley, all the way

Hand-me-down Laura Ashley pants from Mum matched with Laura Ashley cardi.


Day 278 – My Big Fat Gypsy School Day

I am usually a no tv or documentary only kind of a girl – not in a snobby way, just eternally curious. With an hour to spare last night I stumbled across a great such doco all about creatures that survived the event that killed off dinosaurs. You know, the evolution of the green sea turtle over the last 220 million years … Give or take.
In the ads, in my folly, I flicked and abruptly halted when the screen was filled with chiffon and crystals drowning a young girl attending her first holy communion in a dress twice her body weight.
This is how it came to pass that I saw my first ever episode of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.
I was fascinated. I thought the show was just going to be about big, frilly wedding gowns but it was a real insight into traveller culture. But while looking for a link to share I was saddened to come across this article featuring the couple and the dress from last night’s episode:
On a cheerier note, the colours and dancing were fabulous, my favourite part was how all the girls pose for their photos – more posing I say!
I was inspired and my friend at work today suggested I give one of the poses a shot – talk about how to make a boring outfit feel a little more fab. Not that any of the outfits in the show are boring … Just mine as I arose at 4am for airport duty then went straight to work at 5.30am.
Will that make up for arriving by the skin of my teeth yesterday?
More importantly, can a great pose save a boring outfit?
Is this a power stronger than the power of fashion? Only time will tell – may the experiments begin:


Day 264 – Conference Day 2

Oh and one more pirate pose!


Day 262 – Welcome to Sydney … The scenic way

We said bye to Bowral via a family friends’ place with a divine spring garden in blossom. I couldn’t resist doing my daily shot there:

When we got to Sydney we decided to do the Bronte to Bondi walk:

And we checked out some pretty gorgeous views along the way.

Oh and practised our pirate poses for Talk Like a Pirate Day in some very appropriate locations!

And now it’s off to the kick off of the conference I am here in Sydney for so time to get professional. I hopped on a ferry and this was my view…WOW!

OK off to work.


Day 222 – Berry Toast

Apparently we’re getting a top of just 18 today and remember this is Brisbane so it’s basically freezing!


Day 220 – sprinkles

The thing I love most about sprinkles is all the different colours and the party feeling that always comes with sprinkles and colour. In the same way that balloons always set that party mood.20120808-085544.jpg
I thought today might have been one of those days with too much going on. But I just couldn’t stop adding accessories!