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Fashion Mashie Wardrobe Up for Sale

Good bye to my Fashion Mashie wardrobe $5 a piece. I’m at Coorparoo Bowls Club’s Car Boot Sale today – it is time to sell the things that didn’t go to the RSPCA. We dropped 4 bags off at their thrift in February and today is part 2 of getting ready to buy more clothes. I obviously broke the habit but I am starting a new job in a week and I would like to buy some new clothes for my fresh start.
Just need to make some money so I can afford to shop again!


Day 343 – Beat(er) It

Jeans may seem an unusual choice for a Brissie summer Saturday but I did my Responsible Service of Alcohol training this morning in a highly air-conditioned room. This makes me government approved to work in a bar … Like all good casual teachers covering themselves for the very quiet summer season!
The highlight was rushing over to Mum’s when I was done to lick the beaters and stir the Christmas pudding and make wishes for the year ahead.


Could I wish for anything more than to live with a beautiful man who does this while I’m out doing a course?


Day 322.2 – Exhibitionist

Had dinner at Verve to show off my gorgeous boyf’s fab photo exhibition.

Gap jeans, Supre obi and my student designer top from uni markets on a background of amazing multicoloured trucks lights on long exposure.

So proud, so exciting. Go and check out the exhibition of mind-bending colour and shapes at Verve. Nothing is quite what you think it is…

Day 317 – My Birthday Accessories

Can you tell how much I love my new necklace I got for my birthday?

Here it is at work helping me cut my cake.

And here it is at Radio Lollipop management meeting helping me blow out my candles! And it goes so well with new earrings from Mum.

Day 316 – Sweet As!

Today is Sweet As Sunday at Coorparoo Bowls Club – celebrating all things New Zealand. I thought I would be at home in the morning getting some work done, head over to the club for lunch and laughs and then back home to finish my work but when the wind picked up and rained threatened we had a call asking if upstairs at the club was free. So we headed down hours earlier than expected with 1 minute to get dressed … With no time to design a whole new outfit, the safest thing was to put 2 shirts I know I have worn but never together on at the same time.
On arrival, I find my young Kiwi friend who has spent ages putting his outfit together – his All Blacks T, brown shorts which are the colour of the kiwi bird, red socks that say “Team New Zealand” and blue shoes the colour of a big, blue Kiwi sky. You can choose your clothes to say so much, can’t you?
Choice bro!


Day 308 – birthday party smart-cas

This hand-me-down silk top from my sister hasn’t been out of the cupboard for ages! What better occasion than a birthday party with a “wear jeans”dress code?


Day 302 – black and white and shopped all over!

Christmas shopping fiesta!