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Day 358 – Disco Tree

Well holidays have officially started. I packed my bag this morning by tossing everything I haven’t worn yet this year into a bag. Then after a quick trip up the freeway, we got here:

The home owners had already done a tree for us which is very disco and fun!


Day 328 – Friday Day Wear

Totally forgot to upload my work outfit on Friday and was so excited because I wasn’t wearing any black so here it is a day late!
I started with my hand-me-down safari pants from mum and wanted to wear my red Camper Mary-Janes. That meant a navy or red belt and a jumper for cold air-con at work that wasn’t pink or black …

Any excuse to wear this navy Gap cardi – I love it! And this belt from Old Navy had been a favourite since the day I bought it.


Day 328 – Reunion Weekend Reunion 1

Reunion 1 is Tony’s high school friends who have moved to Queensland. Great to hear the stories and great to meet the people who the man I love hung out with 30 years ago. Everyone was so welcoming – lovely night with Coorparoo Bowls Club’s Open Mic Night as a back drop. I have missed musical Friday nights.

This is my supermarket dress that I picked up between bread and deodorant!

Day 322.2 – Exhibitionist

Had dinner at Verve to show off my gorgeous boyf’s fab photo exhibition.

Gap jeans, Supre obi and my student designer top from uni markets on a background of amazing multicoloured trucks lights on long exposure.

So proud, so exciting. Go and check out the exhibition of mind-bending colour and shapes at Verve. Nothing is quite what you think it is…

Day 316 – Sweet As!

Today is Sweet As Sunday at Coorparoo Bowls Club – celebrating all things New Zealand. I thought I would be at home in the morning getting some work done, head over to the club for lunch and laughs and then back home to finish my work but when the wind picked up and rained threatened we had a call asking if upstairs at the club was free. So we headed down hours earlier than expected with 1 minute to get dressed … With no time to design a whole new outfit, the safest thing was to put 2 shirts I know I have worn but never together on at the same time.
On arrival, I find my young Kiwi friend who has spent ages putting his outfit together – his All Blacks T, brown shorts which are the colour of the kiwi bird, red socks that say “Team New Zealand” and blue shoes the colour of a big, blue Kiwi sky. You can choose your clothes to say so much, can’t you?
Choice bro!


Day 303 – Check this out!

Man pants are back and everyone commented at work that I never wear clothes like this … Did they miss the man pants era?


Day 293 – Back to the Future

Not only is this the week Marty McFly (AKA Michael J Fox my grade 7 pin-up boy) went forward to in his movie Back to the Future, but yesterday I wore the outfit that made me want to go back to my first year teaching with no outfits repeated. So I decided to wear an outfit comprising of all clothes that are definitely not in the soon to go in the bin pile – my future wardrobe!
The best thing about wearing everything to death for a year is that things I was having a lot of trouble parting with because they were expensive or didn’t seem to get worn much, have now been worn so much that I have to throw them out.


STOP PRESS: I just did a bit of Back to the Future research only to discover the 2012 date was a hoax! Apparently in the movie it’s 2015 which, as the writer in points out, gives us 3 more years to plan a party 🙂 I need to get the movie out on DVD and watch it all again!
Where are my leg warmers?


Gap dress from outlet shopping Texas 2009 with hand-me-down belt from my sister and jacket from my aunt.