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Day 364 – another interesting collar

This funky top is in my all time most favourite great buys list. On a trip to the Valley Markets circa 2002, I came across the Ortarky stall and I loved this top. I knew it would be a conversation piece, different from everyone else’s summer tops and that I could show off Brisbane-made creativity wherever I went – all very important criteria for me. Rumour has it that Ortarky became Nelson Malloy but I must investigate that further. Anyway, after the storm yesterday it was still steamy this afternoon and I needed something cool to wear for cousins catch up barbecue so paired with Esprit dress shorts and bare feet it all balanced out.

Day 360.2 – Christmas Sparkles

So my brother told his daughter I was a poser and I thought I had better live up to it!


Day 356 – I forgot about a tree!

Last day of school – my whole family has now arrived and we are ready to have a holiday and some file meals around the dinner table sharing the last two years and making plans for the future.


Day 355 – Australian Christmas colours

This gorgeous Esprit skirt always gets lots of Christmas action here in Brisbane where it can be about 35 degrees this time of year. And I love to wear it with this hot pink Top Shop T because there is a bush here that comes out at Christmas time called the Lillipilly and it has glossy green leaves, pink leaves and pink berries. This combo reminds me of it.


Day 351 – Bake-Wear

Can never wait to wear this little Esprit jersey dress – cool, comfy and perfect with apron and protective footwear for a day in the kitchen.

By the end of today there should be a collection of delicacies as cute as my apron and visitors’ beds made across Brisbane ready for Christmas!

OK half way through, so time for costume, I mean apron, change for good luck. I am about to try and bake my first ever gingerbread men, stars and reindeers … Wish me luck! After the massive fail with my chocolate shortbread in September, I’m going to need it!



Day 345 – Red and Black



Day 342 – Vive la France & Sweden, too!

Once again my whole outfit revolved around my Birkenstocks and the need to wear a red shirt in honour of the peace we pray for for the Morcombe family who can finally bury their son 9 years after he disappeared.

Headed out to Ikea after work and picked up some v funky textile remnants that I hope will make some groovy new outfits for next year when I will have variety of a whole new sort!

Took one last look at my old hair before going to visit Scott for my new do.


Day 336 – Jungle Boogie

An important journalistic moment before the party kicked off to discover, in an in-depth interview, that this was Ronald’s 18th time with Radio Lollipop at the Mater Children’s Hospital celebrating our birthday.

He obviously took me very seriously dressed like this.
But there wasn’t much time to sit around and chat because I needed to head off and visit the kids around the hospital with my new friend, Hamburglar.

After a quick jungle boogie!

Day 335 – RIP this shirt ITS LAST WEAR EVER!

Only one month to go so time to start the great purge!
This shirt was purchased in H&M outside Toronto during my big Canada & USA tour in 2008. I had bought a lovely grey jumper that needed a button up shirt and collar under it and this was the chosen shirt. The combo went on many journeys together and plane rides across the continent then, upon returning to Australia, to work, with various pairs of pants and pencil skirts. This is the first piece to be purged after being afraid of throwing anything out in case I reached the end of the year with nothing to wear but my old school uniform. Yikes!

We felt a menswear catalogue photo shoot with a retrospective theme shot in the reflection of a safety mirror would be a fitting farewell… For some reason! We may have got carried away in a creative moment … But the menswear look works well with my navy Esprit pants. For a girlie touch I finished the outfit with a pink belt and pink sandals.

Tomorrow I need to make room in my cupboard so that the dressing up can come out of the spare room and into my cupboard and the spare room cupboard can officially belong to my boyfriend (and his seven shirts…I may be being mean … There might be 8). Wish me luck for the purge and let’s hope I find 31 brand new outfits to get me from here to 2013!

Day 333 – another bite of the berry for this skirt!