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Day 364 – another interesting collar

This funky top is in my all time most favourite great buys list. On a trip to the Valley Markets circa 2002, I came across the Ortarky stall and I loved this top. I knew it would be a conversation piece, different from everyone else’s summer tops and that I could show off Brisbane-made creativity wherever I went – all very important criteria for me. Rumour has it that Ortarky became Nelson Malloy but I must investigate that further. Anyway, after the storm yesterday it was still steamy this afternoon and I needed something cool to wear for cousins catch up barbecue so paired with Esprit dress shorts and bare feet it all balanced out.


Day 360.2 – Christmas Sparkles

So my brother told his daughter I was a poser and I thought I had better live up to it!


Day 356 – I forgot about a tree!

Last day of school – my whole family has now arrived and we are ready to have a holiday and some file meals around the dinner table sharing the last two years and making plans for the future.


Day 355 – Australian Christmas colours

This gorgeous Esprit skirt always gets lots of Christmas action here in Brisbane where it can be about 35 degrees this time of year. And I love to wear it with this hot pink Top Shop T because there is a bush here that comes out at Christmas time called the Lillipilly and it has glossy green leaves, pink leaves and pink berries. This combo reminds me of it.


Day 351 – Bake-Wear

Can never wait to wear this little Esprit jersey dress – cool, comfy and perfect with apron and protective footwear for a day in the kitchen.

By the end of today there should be a collection of delicacies as cute as my apron and visitors’ beds made across Brisbane ready for Christmas!

OK half way through, so time for costume, I mean apron, change for good luck. I am about to try and bake my first ever gingerbread men, stars and reindeers … Wish me luck! After the massive fail with my chocolate shortbread in September, I’m going to need it!



Day 345 – Red and Black



Day 342 – Vive la France & Sweden, too!

Once again my whole outfit revolved around my Birkenstocks and the need to wear a red shirt in honour of the peace we pray for for the Morcombe family who can finally bury their son 9 years after he disappeared.

Headed out to Ikea after work and picked up some v funky textile remnants that I hope will make some groovy new outfits for next year when I will have variety of a whole new sort!

Took one last look at my old hair before going to visit Scott for my new do.