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Day 315 – Punching Above my Weight!

When Tyrone “Cyclone” Tongia AKA Australian boxing champion decided to retire from boxing, he had a big party to say thank you to all who had supported him and launch the next phase of his career. I was lucky enough to be invited as he trains my gorgeous BF – keeping him young and fit and keeping the pressure on me to try to one day be younger and fitter!

Talk about punching above my weight – I decided to take on a major fashion challenge … The black and white striped skirt that belonged to my mum – she of the 18-inch waist – in the 1980s and was handed down to me, cocktail length, in the 90s. Being the 1990s I decided to have it taken up to ridiculously short 90s length. I was young and skinny and it was cute.
I could never throw it out. Nearly 4 decades after its original incarnation, ridiculously short 90s looks respectfully long and demure! Though I did need to ask Tony to put the skinny-knee filter on the camera.


Day 301 – Take Me Home Country Road

Walking through the city today I saw a beautiful girl riding a really gorgeous bicycle and I thought I hope she is an ad. Then I noticed the basket on the front was full of Country Road summer brochures. And there I was in a Country Road dress.
I bought this dress when I first came back to Australia to work in 2000 and needed some Brisbane workwear after being in London where things are chillier and how can I say … blacker? … at work.
I realise this isn’t super colourful but I usually make up for it in turtle necks / Ts / accessories with lots of colour. In weekend mode today I had this cheery, colourful brochure at my side to brighten things up. Soon we’ll be accessorising with smiles – my favourite accessory – ’cause I’m off to a Baby Shower with lots of lovely ladies. We don’t know if it’s a girl or a boy so neutral wardrobe required! It does match my present bag:

Although someone recommended a bottle shop voucher, I ended up with soothing baby bubble bath by Jurlique for a relaxed baby and mama.


Day 289 – back to business


Day 228 – The Human Vanilla Slice

I am seriously the human equivalent of a vanilla slice today with 4 layers on top and 2 on the bottom!
In chronological order … Morgan de Toi 1990s hand-me-down from my big sister, Shanghai Tang million dollar super sale purchase cashmere and silk cardigan (oft referred to as “the dressing gown” and I’m just a little but offended 😉 not nearly as offended as the Shanghai Tang designers would be if they knew!) 2007, tartan shoes AKA the blanket shoes from Century 21 New Jersey 2008, black Country Road T 2009 and emergency scarf bought at the airport on my way to my brother’s wedding in the States also in 2009.


Day 225 – Vitamin C

Many of you have seen this skirt before but never in its original form – it was a dress in the 1970s, a pinafore. A very dear family friend handed it down to me in 1991 and in 2007 I had it converted into a skirt.
The winter in Brisbane has just moved up a notch as the August winds have arrived and so has the flu. I am wearing this skirt to encourage everyone to think about keeping up their Vitamin C.


Day 204 – how do you solve a problem like ….

wearing something different every day for 1 year?
I’m not really complaining – I am loving the challenge and loving the creativity. I found a new (hand-me-down from my sister) belt and earrings for this dress this morning and mixed it up with a jumper too. Thanks for the tip Laura 🙂

Getting v excited re Singalong Sound of Music if you can’t tell by my titles!



Day 170 – Winter Uniform Day 2!

My sister gave me a Country Road voucher the year I bought my flat and I was thrilled to be able to shop at a time when I was very focused on finance. I bought this dress which was so different from anything else I owned at the time and started my winter uniform trend.
When you see my photo today, can you tell my boyfriend is a car lover? I feel like a girl in car magazine!