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I do! I shopped! I said YES!

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You may remember my gorgeous hunky boyfriend who featured a couple of times in my blog last year, well he asked me to marry him and I said YES! And I have been saying yes a lot more this year …

Thanks to all my new followers who have told me they have been inspired to try not shopping for a bit. It really is only hard for a little while, I promise 🙂

And for me, it finally happened! After a year and a half of not shopping and putting new clothes on the very next day I can finally do it. You’re right, you’re right, I did shop in May last year at the outlets in America but it all went into a bag and lived in the top of the wardrobe till January 1 this year so as not to add to my 2012 wardrobe for my year of mixing and matching and no repeat outfits.

I found it really hard to break the no shopping habit. I have tried on lots of things including a really great Karen Millen dress at Myer 2 weeks ago. It cost $169 and I told myself I could buy it once I had sold some clothes. After making just $27 at the car boot sale I just couldn’t justify it! But yesterday was uni market day so prices were more affordable and I could put it on the very next day. So here it is, my first new item worn the very next day in one year and 5 months.

And I’m happy to say, the people who shopped at the car boot sale got some great bargains and the RSPCA got 4 bags of clothes – some to sell and some to use for animal bedding. Even better, my gorgeous boyfriend became my FIANCÉ and his clothes fit in the cupboard with mine 🙂


Day 330 – Fluoro Revival is Mine!!

My Cotton On man shirt and Sportsgirl shorts were the combo I needed to accompany my red Birks.
I knew a lot of walking was required to take my mum and my aunt shopping … But we did take a couple of breaks.
I couldn’t miss this photo opportunity!


The highlight was finding something I could buy in Fluoro! I saw a kid wearing these shoes the other day and I asked her mother if they came in big sizes … Well a little bit bigger than kids’ anyway! Here they are!

I have been allowed to buy shoes this year as I had to throw so many pairs out last year so shoes were my key to not missing out on Fluoro! Hurray!!

Day 315 – Punching Above my Weight!

When Tyrone “Cyclone” Tongia AKA Australian boxing champion decided to retire from boxing, he had a big party to say thank you to all who had supported him and launch the next phase of his career. I was lucky enough to be invited as he trains my gorgeous BF – keeping him young and fit and keeping the pressure on me to try to one day be younger and fitter!

Talk about punching above my weight – I decided to take on a major fashion challenge … The black and white striped skirt that belonged to my mum – she of the 18-inch waist – in the 1980s and was handed down to me, cocktail length, in the 90s. Being the 1990s I decided to have it taken up to ridiculously short 90s length. I was young and skinny and it was cute.
I could never throw it out. Nearly 4 decades after its original incarnation, ridiculously short 90s looks respectfully long and demure! Though I did need to ask Tony to put the skinny-knee filter on the camera.


Day 303 – Check this out!

Man pants are back and everyone commented at work that I never wear clothes like this … Did they miss the man pants era?


Day 299 – too far?


Day 283 – culottes are back

It’s really heating up and I thought I was ready today for my first bare legged day. I always find it amazing during the transition from winter to summer that we ever felt cold enough to wear layers of wool and then in the summer to winter shift I can never believe a tiny sundress was ever enough. Brisbane is in the full swing of spring with highs of 35 and lows of 15, hot one day, mild the next.
But enough about the weather, you’d think I was lost for conversation when really all that needs to be said is: it’s the right weather for sparkly ballet flats and that means … perfect!


Day 269 – is there a doctor in the house?

It seems very appropriate that I wore this jacket today as I headed over to visit my friends’ brand new baby boy – so fresh he’s still in hospital!