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Supermarket Superdress II

I am a really good bus catcher – having only got my license in the last couple of years, I could work for Brisbane City Council with my knowledge of buses. But I had a migraine earlier in the week and accidentally took the wrong bus in my hazed state. My lovely man came and got me and we needed food for dinner so we headed to Coles at Greenslopes.
As readers of my blog from last year will know, I bought a fabulous dress on about Day 4 of my no shopping blog and needed to do a big confession but couldn’t resist this find between bread and deodorant!

It was too good a story to tell!
Well once again I believe I have hit the dress jackpot with this great charcoal and black striped jersey dress. So comfy and so easy to wear – the perfect teaching dress. Check out your local supermarket!
Oh and it had been reduced twice so it was cheaper than our chicken at $12!


Day 241 – Good Bye Ugly Boots

Isn’t it funny how things work out? Just a few weeks ago I asked if these boots were hideous or not, I struggled with whether to wear them or not. Would people judge me on my butterfly bedazzled boots I selfishly asked …?
And now I have to quandary no more for they have fallen into a million pieces. As our spring approached, their autumn crept in and today as I walked through work, I left behind small pieces of their shattered soles.
They must have heard me.
The power of fashion and the judgements we make once again surprising me.



Day 235 – Zombie Jumper

It lives again!
While going through family photos for my mum to make a book of photos for her little grand kids to introduce their grandad who they will never meet, sadly, I came across a picture of family dinner at the dining table in London around 1998 and I was wearing this jumper. I was pretty sure I hadn’t thrown it out and after a bit of a rummage through the jumper shelf … Here it is! No label from a little shop near where I worked in London in Ealing Broadway worn with a zombie skirt in fact from Portmans handed down to me from my sister after it was handed down to her from her flat mate in 1991.
But I do have to ask the question I have asked since the first day I brought it home as my first ever slinky item … Is it hideous?!
I just don’t know if those stripes are cool or ugly!

Just in case it is hideous, one of my lovely students gave me a gorgeous apron today to remind me of them when they go home 🙂


Day 229 – Outfit for a party

My sister and I have opposite bodies and can very rarely share clothes. She has narrow hips and broad shoulders and feels like a fairy in my clothes! I on the other hand can never quite fill any top she has ever handed down to me! This one seems to be the exception. While she is living in Singapore she lent me some winter clothes to borrow for my christening and wedding tour of Canada and USA in 2008.
This charcoal top has a gorgeous matching skirt – a suit she bought for our cousin’s wedding in New Zealand in 2000. It’s warm and funky and needed to turn jeans and Cotton On T into a birthday party / house-warming outfit. I really wanted to wear jeans and boots but I needed to accessorise it up to get in the party zone.


Day 225 – Vitamin C

Many of you have seen this skirt before but never in its original form – it was a dress in the 1970s, a pinafore. A very dear family friend handed it down to me in 1991 and in 2007 I had it converted into a skirt.
The winter in Brisbane has just moved up a notch as the August winds have arrived and so has the flu. I am wearing this skirt to encourage everyone to think about keeping up their Vitamin C.


Day 220 – sprinkles

The thing I love most about sprinkles is all the different colours and the party feeling that always comes with sprinkles and colour. In the same way that balloons always set that party mood.20120808-085544.jpg
I thought today might have been one of those days with too much going on. But I just couldn’t stop adding accessories!


Day 218 – 3 little words

I often say that everything in my wardrobe has a story and this is one of my favourites.
While living in Hong Kong, I had a lot of visitors. One night I was getting the spare room ready and realised I needed a lamp so I popped out to my local mall. It was late and I was tired but I walked past a shoe shop on my way to the home wares store. Like many Hong Kong stores, they had a buy 2 pairs get a deal deal or second pair 50% off or something. The details are a little hazy but the following morning is crystal clear.
CUE CREEPY NIGHTMARE MUSIC…I awoke to see a pair of ankle length, butterfly bedazzled boots. If there were 3 words I never thought would be used when talking about my wardrobe they are: ankle length, butterflies and bedazzled. Needless to say these babies spent many years being worn under pants or long skirts until I was dared to wear them with a short skirt to work one day. And I fell in love with them!
So when the soles fell off last year I was a bit lost but as the weather warmed up, they moved further and further to the back of the wardrobe. But last weekend I finally took them to be fixed and, ok I’m not afraid to say, I need as many accessories as possible this year as I can’t repeat an outfit. Shoes are making all the difference and I got to wear this favourite Cue dress and Zara T again.