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Day 354.2 – too hot needed to change!

Luckily family Christmas was just around the corner so it was easy to go home and change into something cool and comfy still as yet unworn!

It also meant I was appropriately dressed to pop into a friend’s Christmas party at Coorparoo Bowls Club for a spot of Glow Bowls!

Day 353 – dreaming of holidays

Hand-me-down skirt from mum by Trent Resort and black Zara T to make me feel like I’m wearing my own clothes! Another “need to wear my Birks” day … I guess it’s just that time of year!


Day 349 – Karate Kid Stylin’

I have come to the conclusion that this top – commonly referred to as my Karate Kid top – needs skinny pants. This outfit started the day with a big Tango skirt but ended up looking less Tango and more Russian folk dance!

I went for these little Bianca Spender for Carla Zampatti hand-me-down pants from my aunt but really struggled with a shoe solution! Plus I thought I might have to take my students for a big walk down the road to visit the local koala at school but sadly he had already gone deeper into the forest!
What shoes could I wear with this outfit? Or maybe I won’t do this combo again?!

Day 348.2 – Trivial Casual with Team Switzerland

My Thursday ritual of playing PK’s Trivia at Coorparoo Bowls Club was a bit more exciting tonight for two reasons:
1) my friends from Switzerland – land of my birth – are staying with us and therefore joined our team for the night
2) WE WON! Actually we came equal 1st in a 3-way tie and I got a 20-pointer on the dart board in the dart-off decider therefore very surprisingly winning for our team!
I was wearing my lucky red Switzerland souvenir T and my controversial Talbots petite navy cotton skirt that was a dressing room discussion point the day I ended deciding that I liked it and that was enough! It has since had lots of approval.

Our winners certificate!


Day 342 – Vive la France & Sweden, too!

Once again my whole outfit revolved around my Birkenstocks and the need to wear a red shirt in honour of the peace we pray for for the Morcombe family who can finally bury their son 9 years after he disappeared.

Headed out to Ikea after work and picked up some v funky textile remnants that I hope will make some groovy new outfits for next year when I will have variety of a whole new sort!

Took one last look at my old hair before going to visit Scott for my new do.


Day 337 – Still Clowning Around


Day 332 – Silver Screen Resort Wear