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Day 354 – A Touch of Christmas

Green shirt by Veronica Maine, red shoes by Charles and Keith in Singapore and skirt by Dogstar.


Day 334 – Hero Belt or Fashion No-No?

I had a big hunt through my belt box the other day looking for a different belt and came across this one. Just for something different I thought it would look interesting on this dress.
I hoped it would be the funky hero of the outfit … Did I succeed or did I break some fashion rules?


Day 319 & Day 320 – Yesterday and Today

You know you’re busy and stressed when you’ve been taking a photo and blogging everyday for 318 days and then one day you forget!!
Anyway, yesterday I needed to be dressed to teach across 2 campuses then get to awards nights. This Veronika Maine hand-me-down dress from my aunt is always my smart day stand-by and I added this hand-me-down belt from my sister for colour.
Today I reached back to the dressing up box. Well, actually, this skirt came out of the dressing up box a few years ago but hasn’t come out of the wardrobe for a year or so so it was time! This skirt was made for me for a photo shoot for our choir in Hong Kong when we were doing an Andrews Sisters tribute. I have been singing Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy all day! We wore black pants and khaki shirts for the show but this was for the advertisements. Love this 1940s length.


Day 289 – back to business


Day 248 – Blue September

Blue September is about getting men’s health out in the open and getting them talking about prostate cancer. I saw a whole segment on The Project last night on Channel Ten here in Australia – another chance for me to use the power of fashion to spread a message! I didn’t lose my Dad to prostate cancer (it was lung cancer) but the remaining men in my life are very dear to me and men’s health is a cause I want to get out there… Just wait for Movember (I may have done some party shop shopping while in the States in May – I like to be prepared).
This awesome striped T, kicking off my blue bits, is by a Melbourne designer called Hamb (just checked the website and sales are on YAY!!) and it was a gift from super-fashion Sam when I got my job here in Australia in 2009. I dropped chocolate ice cream on it a little while ago (sorry Sam!) so it is stained and I can’t really get away with it except under something – very sad but next year (when I can shop again) I will jump on line for a new one!
My belt is a mystery – label says Hadley Poller – my brother bought it for me in Austin, Texas for Christmas about 4 years ago.
I thought about wearing my blue shoes with my black tights… Would that have been a fashion faux-pas?


Day 226 – Court Out

My students are on an excursion to the Court House today and asked me to come along. We have a long list of rules to follow. When it comes to fashion I never follow rules but today I will be sure not to break a single one! Oh I’m not talking about fashion … I’m sure my sister told me something about my cream tights but I can’t remember – I hope they don’t offend!



Day 207 – Edelweiss … Or perhaps more buttercup?

Just a little drop of colour in my outfit today – my beautiful new brooch received from a student yesterday.

The rest is my work mode dress from Veronika Maine to get me in the zone for presentation day. But my main focus today was to have my new brooch on display.