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Fashion Mashie Wardrobe Up for Sale

Good bye to my Fashion Mashie wardrobe $5 a piece. I’m at Coorparoo Bowls Club’s Car Boot Sale today – it is time to sell the things that didn’t go to the RSPCA. We dropped 4 bags off at their thrift in February and today is part 2 of getting ready to buy more clothes. I obviously broke the habit but I am starting a new job in a week and I would like to buy some new clothes for my fresh start.
Just need to make some money so I can afford to shop again!


Day 361 – Boxing Day Blue

My family were suspicious that I had introduced a new top but I actually bought it in the Boxing Day sales in Sydney in 2002 just before my sister got married in January 2003. So it’s nearly 10 years old!
These shorts were an emergency buy when I got home to Brisbane one time from Hong Kong and it was super hot and needed something cool and comfy. They didn’t get much love for ages but every now and then I find a top that really works – might be the physics of tight and baggy at play again.

Did a close-up pic so you can see the cool collar 😉 I can’t go past navy and white for summer fresh.


Day 357 – Baubles but no tree!



Tango Tango 352

Tango skirt was still out after being de-outfitted the other day so it finally got worn today!


Day 341 – Flowers I mean PHOTOBOMB Thursday




Day 332 – Silver Screen Resort Wear


Day 327 – I was told I looked like Katherine Hepburn

Round of 1940s golf anyone? I might just change my shoes!
All Australian today with Cue on the top and Dogstar on the bottom.