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Fashion Mashie Wardrobe Up for Sale

Good bye to my Fashion Mashie wardrobe $5 a piece. I’m at Coorparoo Bowls Club’s Car Boot Sale today – it is time to sell the things that didn’t go to the RSPCA. We dropped 4 bags off at their thrift in February and today is part 2 of getting ready to buy more clothes. I obviously broke the habit but I am starting a new job in a week and I would like to buy some new clothes for my fresh start.
Just need to make some money so I can afford to shop again!


Day 222 – Berry Toast

Apparently we’re getting a top of just 18 today and remember this is Brisbane so it’s basically freezing!


Day 212 – by my side

The chilly days are giving me asthma so lots of wooly layers today and a cute pic with my protector (and photographer) beside me. Agnes B wooly skirt and Cotton T that you’re probably all sick of by now- It just seems appropriate in so many situations!


Day 177 – blanket dress

Is it just me or does this dress look a little bit like a blanket?
Another super purchase from the massive shopping day I had the first time I set foot in Agnes B in Hong Kong… Actually it might have been in the window and what lured me in in the first place!


Terrific Tuesday Team’s theme for Radio Lollipop is Jungle this week so I spent some time in my garden getting ideas before heading off to work where the jungle theme could float around in my head for a bit … Turned out to be way to busy for thinking space but it was a good theory!


Day 176 – cold and crazy day

Laura Ashley wooly pants get a real work out as the temperature drops and I’m working in the no central heating building!

Got lots to do today so easy to move and super warm was the key so Agnes B raspberry jumper with little bows will help and I didn’t get a chance to show you a close up pic last time so here are the little bows:

And just to be super warm and try and get healthy before my students arrive next week I thought spotty tights might give me the power to be super productive in case 1000s of mgs of Vitamin C don’t do the trick! This is the power of fashion I’m talking about here 🙂