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Day 343.2 – Diana Vreeland – Be Inspired to Make Beauty

A splash of red, a hand-me-down Zara frock from my big sister, a glass of wine and an outing with my Mum made the perfect setting for the inspirational afternoon I had delighting in gorgeous images of clothes and models and the artistry of the story your clothes tell about you and the life that you live and love. My year of telling my story through my wardrobe is nearly over but I look forward to many more years of sharing stories and wearing clothes that have been loved by others before me and brand-new clothes making brand new looks and starting new stories.


Check out this documentary if you love clothes and storytelling as much as I do.


Day 341 – Flowers I mean PHOTOBOMB Thursday




Day 334 – Hero Belt or Fashion No-No?

I had a big hunt through my belt box the other day looking for a different belt and came across this one. Just for something different I thought it would look interesting on this dress.
I hoped it would be the funky hero of the outfit … Did I succeed or did I break some fashion rules?


Day 328 – Friday Day Wear

Totally forgot to upload my work outfit on Friday and was so excited because I wasn’t wearing any black so here it is a day late!
I started with my hand-me-down safari pants from mum and wanted to wear my red Camper Mary-Janes. That meant a navy or red belt and a jumper for cold air-con at work that wasn’t pink or black …

Any excuse to wear this navy Gap cardi – I love it! And this belt from Old Navy had been a favourite since the day I bought it.


Day 319 & Day 320 – Yesterday and Today

You know you’re busy and stressed when you’ve been taking a photo and blogging everyday for 318 days and then one day you forget!!
Anyway, yesterday I needed to be dressed to teach across 2 campuses then get to awards nights. This Veronika Maine hand-me-down dress from my aunt is always my smart day stand-by and I added this hand-me-down belt from my sister for colour.
Today I reached back to the dressing up box. Well, actually, this skirt came out of the dressing up box a few years ago but hasn’t come out of the wardrobe for a year or so so it was time! This skirt was made for me for a photo shoot for our choir in Hong Kong when we were doing an Andrews Sisters tribute. I have been singing Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy all day! We wore black pants and khaki shirts for the show but this was for the advertisements. Love this 1940s length.


Day 315 – Punching Above my Weight!

When Tyrone “Cyclone” Tongia AKA Australian boxing champion decided to retire from boxing, he had a big party to say thank you to all who had supported him and launch the next phase of his career. I was lucky enough to be invited as he trains my gorgeous BF – keeping him young and fit and keeping the pressure on me to try to one day be younger and fitter!

Talk about punching above my weight – I decided to take on a major fashion challenge … The black and white striped skirt that belonged to my mum – she of the 18-inch waist – in the 1980s and was handed down to me, cocktail length, in the 90s. Being the 1990s I decided to have it taken up to ridiculously short 90s length. I was young and skinny and it was cute.
I could never throw it out. Nearly 4 decades after its original incarnation, ridiculously short 90s looks respectfully long and demure! Though I did need to ask Tony to put the skinny-knee filter on the camera.


Day 314 – Funeral Blues

This beautiful hand-me-down from my aunt came out of the cupboard for the first time ever to say goodbye to a lovely old friend of ours.

Ray was a member of the bowls club and a very keen gardener – everyone talks about driving past his beautiful garden and I was very lucky to have a personal tour recently.