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Day 340 – Big Day Big Shoes

I started the day stressing out about the enormity ahead of me and I knew that a big splash of Banana Republic green, a Dogstar brooch for fun, Sportsgirl shorts for comfort and mega platforms for height were the only way to get through it!

At the other end it doesn’t seem as mega as it did at sunrise! I did my all-day teaching day across 2 campuses then headed straight to the hospital for a 3-hour radio show full of special guests like former prime minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd.

Followed swiftly by my special guest co-host DJ Big J who very kindly bought a night as a DJ at Radio Lollipop at our recent Gala Dinner.

We rocked the hospital!
Wow it has been super fun and all our special guests had a special time along with a big bunch of kids who we made smile with our groovy tunes and silly jokes!

Post Script:
I have added a pic where you can see the big shoes – The other could be having people wondering!



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