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Day 335 – RIP this shirt ITS LAST WEAR EVER!

Only one month to go so time to start the great purge!
This shirt was purchased in H&M outside Toronto during my big Canada & USA tour in 2008. I had bought a lovely grey jumper that needed a button up shirt and collar under it and this was the chosen shirt. The combo went on many journeys together and plane rides across the continent then, upon returning to Australia, to work, with various pairs of pants and pencil skirts. This is the first piece to be purged after being afraid of throwing anything out in case I reached the end of the year with nothing to wear but my old school uniform. Yikes!

We felt a menswear catalogue photo shoot with a retrospective theme shot in the reflection of a safety mirror would be a fitting farewell… For some reason! We may have got carried away in a creative moment … But the menswear look works well with my navy Esprit pants. For a girlie touch I finished the outfit with a pink belt and pink sandals.

Tomorrow I need to make room in my cupboard so that the dressing up can come out of the spare room and into my cupboard and the spare room cupboard can officially belong to my boyfriend (and his seven shirts…I may be being mean … There might be 8). Wish me luck for the purge and let’s hope I find 31 brand new outfits to get me from here to 2013!


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  1. You can do it!
    I happen to love this look and how you kept it girlie by adding the pink.


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