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Day 329 – Reunion 2 – old friends, new dress

Searching through my cupboard the other day I came across this little number that hasn’t made it out of the closet all year! The brief for tonight was Christmassy … This had enough red and green but I added a bauble just in case I got out Christmassed … Or in trouble for missing the Christmas brief! Oh and a lucky cat for err good luck!


I spotted this dress on an Italian singer at a concert in Hong Kong and lamented never being able to own it. The girl sitting next to me in the audience promptly told me exactly which little side street to hit to have one of my very own.

And the very next day I did.

Having not worn it in over a year, I wondered if I would love it still when I put it on. Well, luckily I only had 10 minutes to get ready so I couldn’t change my mind and really enjoyed wearing it all night. Not too hot, not too cool, extremely comfy and a little bit different from all the tiny dresses the much younger crowd were wearing at the Brunswick Social Club where you need plenty of room for dumplings! I felt like I was back in Hong Kong with their fabulous dumpling menu but was surrounded by friends from school from over 20 years ago and all along I was in Brisbane! What a great night!
For more info on the Brunswick Social Club, check out the review from Time Out:

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  1. your dress is so nice!

    Loretta xx


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