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Day 315 – Punching Above my Weight!

When Tyrone “Cyclone” Tongia AKA Australian boxing champion decided to retire from boxing, he had a big party to say thank you to all who had supported him and launch the next phase of his career. I was lucky enough to be invited as he trains my gorgeous BF – keeping him young and fit and keeping the pressure on me to try to one day be younger and fitter!

Talk about punching above my weight – I decided to take on a major fashion challenge … The black and white striped skirt that belonged to my mum – she of the 18-inch waist – in the 1980s and was handed down to me, cocktail length, in the 90s. Being the 1990s I decided to have it taken up to ridiculously short 90s length. I was young and skinny and it was cute.
I could never throw it out. Nearly 4 decades after its original incarnation, ridiculously short 90s looks respectfully long and demure! Though I did need to ask Tony to put the skinny-knee filter on the camera.



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