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Day 301 – Take Me Home Country Road

Walking through the city today I saw a beautiful girl riding a really gorgeous bicycle and I thought I hope she is an ad. Then I noticed the basket on the front was full of Country Road summer brochures. And there I was in a Country Road dress.
I bought this dress when I first came back to Australia to work in 2000 and needed some Brisbane workwear after being in London where things are chillier and how can I say … blacker? … at work.
I realise this isn’t super colourful but I usually make up for it in turtle necks / Ts / accessories with lots of colour. In weekend mode today I had this cheery, colourful brochure at my side to brighten things up. Soon we’ll be accessorising with smiles – my favourite accessory – ’cause I’m off to a Baby Shower with lots of lovely ladies. We don’t know if it’s a girl or a boy so neutral wardrobe required! It does match my present bag:

Although someone recommended a bottle shop voucher, I ended up with soothing baby bubble bath by Jurlique for a relaxed baby and mama.



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