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Day 278 – My Big Fat Gypsy School Day

I am usually a no tv or documentary only kind of a girl – not in a snobby way, just eternally curious. With an hour to spare last night I stumbled across a great such doco all about creatures that survived the event that killed off dinosaurs. You know, the evolution of the green sea turtle over the last 220 million years … Give or take.
In the ads, in my folly, I flicked and abruptly halted when the screen was filled with chiffon and crystals drowning a young girl attending her first holy communion in a dress twice her body weight.
This is how it came to pass that I saw my first ever episode of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.
I was fascinated. I thought the show was just going to be about big, frilly wedding gowns but it was a real insight into traveller culture. But while looking for a link to share I was saddened to come across this article featuring the couple and the dress from last night’s episode:
On a cheerier note, the colours and dancing were fabulous, my favourite part was how all the girls pose for their photos – more posing I say!
I was inspired and my friend at work today suggested I give one of the poses a shot – talk about how to make a boring outfit feel a little more fab. Not that any of the outfits in the show are boring … Just mine as I arose at 4am for airport duty then went straight to work at 5.30am.
Will that make up for arriving by the skin of my teeth yesterday?
More importantly, can a great pose save a boring outfit?
Is this a power stronger than the power of fashion? Only time will tell – may the experiments begin:



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