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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Day 273 – 3 months to go!


Day 272 – Birthday Morning

I think I have already told you about this skirt? One of my students circa 2003 bought it at Sportsgirl and I loved it and bought one, too. It’s been all over the world with me and covers my knees – can’t go wrong! Mini party jacket to match the cupcakes for my friends’ kids’ birthday fiesta at 9 this morning … My 5 minute wardrobe approach not quite as successful as last night! But I am struggling without my pink sequinned ballet flats.


Day 271.2 – Dressing-Up Box Borrow

The first time I wore the dress I had on earlier today I explained that it was originally purchased for the dressing-up box but it made it into my wardrobe one work day when I was looking for colour. This shirt similarly was purchased for a punk love Valentine’s Day party from H&M in Hong Kong, where I shopped a lot for dressing up purposes and ended up with lots of great things for my everyday work wardrobe after a bit of mixing, matching and fashion mashing!
I headed into town briefly today after work and had 5 wardrobe minutes to choose what to wear, get dressed and out the door… I seem to be going through this Miami Vice jacket and jeans phase.


Day 271 – Rock’n’roll Budgie

As the week went on we had lots of girlie chats in the teachers’ room and we decided to make Friday a day of colour explosion. One teacher thought we looked like budgies all walking around in our multi-coloured outfits! It looked great and helped everyone get through the last day of work before a long weekend 🙂
I wasn’t quite ready for my photo but I thought it looked quite Rock’n’roll and not very budgie! I do love a bit of juxtaposition on a Friday.


Day 270 – Summer Berries

My first trip to whole shop of Petites was Talbots Petites in Austin, Texas and very successful too – this purple dress gets a look in in every season!
My Gap cardi was part of a twin set with a hot pink tank underneath. It didn’t last nearly as long as the cardigan ie since about 1998 from the Gap store next to the school I taught at in London. I probably should have thrown it out years ago but there are just too many lovely memories.
Oh and you know how I’m always banging on about the power of fashion? Well this morning I was really struggling with pain in my back but I put on this colour combo of favourite berry colours and felt instantly better and had the Power of Greyskull to get to work.


Day 269 – is there a doctor in the house?

It seems very appropriate that I wore this jacket today as I headed over to visit my friends’ brand new baby boy – so fresh he’s still in hospital!


Day 268 – The Arch Window


Day 267 – Stormy Brisbane


Day 266 – homeward bound

Last night we stayed in Tenterfield – lots of history re Peter Allen and his grandfather the Tenterfield Saddler. But speaking of history where we stayed is a great story – historic Stannum House A triple-brick house built in the 1880s on a granite slab and restored in the 90s to its Victorian glory. If you ever get a chance to stay, do! So fun and you get a tour, great friendly service and breakfast! And Tenterfield was just a delight to stay in and a lovely place to kick off the slow ride home via Ballina for a swim and fish and chips on the beach.




Day 265 – Golden Moments

Scones in Scone for morning tea

and then we hit Tamworth – Aussie home of country music and the Golden Guitar:


A perfect day for a spot of leg guitar!