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Day 235 – Zombie Jumper

It lives again!
While going through family photos for my mum to make a book of photos for her little grand kids to introduce their grandad who they will never meet, sadly, I came across a picture of family dinner at the dining table in London around 1998 and I was wearing this jumper. I was pretty sure I hadn’t thrown it out and after a bit of a rummage through the jumper shelf … Here it is! No label from a little shop near where I worked in London in Ealing Broadway worn with a zombie skirt in fact from Portmans handed down to me from my sister after it was handed down to her from her flat mate in 1991.
But I do have to ask the question I have asked since the first day I brought it home as my first ever slinky item … Is it hideous?!
I just don’t know if those stripes are cool or ugly!

Just in case it is hideous, one of my lovely students gave me a gorgeous apron today to remind me of them when they go home 🙂



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  1. You look great. I think strips are coming back. Wear it with pride, without the apron!!


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