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Day 233 – Yoga Day

Today was well-being and winding down day and thanks to Inna Bliss yoga for running our session: We all kept warm inside and out and left the room with an inner glow and me with plenty of peace to tackle an afternoon of administration while my students enjoy an afternoon off of Brisbane fun .

Yoga day meant I could wear my Platinum tights, and Dogstar woolly top over my Topshop long-sleeved T bought in a cold emergency in Singapore years ago while shopping with my sister. I always used to forget that, despite outside being 35 degrees Centigrade and 100% humidity, shopping centres are all set at 18 … as you regular readers know, 18 is a freezing cold winter day for me in Brisbane! A sun dress just doesn’t do the job indoors for this little coldie Queenslander!

Speaking of winter and things that warm the cockles of my heart, the painting next to me in my photo today is a Chinese brush painting called “Friends in Winter” which represents people who stick together even when times are tough – a gift from one of the many gorgeous teachers I worked with in Hong Kong.

I hope you have someone with you today to get you through good and bad. Peace all. Ommm…





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