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Day 229 – Outfit for a party

My sister and I have opposite bodies and can very rarely share clothes. She has narrow hips and broad shoulders and feels like a fairy in my clothes! I on the other hand can never quite fill any top she has ever handed down to me! This one seems to be the exception. While she is living in Singapore she lent me some winter clothes to borrow for my christening and wedding tour of Canada and USA in 2008.
This charcoal top has a gorgeous matching skirt – a suit she bought for our cousin’s wedding in New Zealand in 2000. It’s warm and funky and needed to turn jeans and Cotton On T into a birthday party / house-warming outfit. I really wanted to wear jeans and boots but I needed to accessorise it up to get in the party zone.



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  1. Closet Strategy

    Love the flower – reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw!!

    • Oooh yes that’s true, thanks. She was my inspiration for getting experimental and brave with my wardrobe after watching every episode end to end over a couple of months while living in Hong Kong!

  2. Love the theme in the bag, shirt and black flower! Gorgeous bag too.


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