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Day 191 – Queen of Hearts

Part 2 today is my oh so regal oh so disco Queen of Hearts outfit to DJ the evening away at Radio Lollipop bringing smiles to the faces of kids in hospital… And a few grown up volunteers – we love this job.

Apparently, I am a bit old school because I rock out to old school disco era Michael Jackson … We couldn’t stop till we got enough so I did 2 in a row at the request of my mini co-host.

But the fun didn’t stop when I left the studio. First song in the car – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!
Then I went to Terry White to buy Licorice Allsorts for Tony to thank him for the inspiration for my outfit today and … They are his fav! … on the way home. Then just as I realised what I was wearing, a guy in a crazy Hawaiian shirt went down the aisle next to me and a woman in a MULTI-coloured fur yes fur stepped in front of me in the queue … I was clearly underdressed for Tuesday night at Terry White!


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