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Day 182 – half way there

Due to 1 day being lost flying back to Brisbane from America, Day 182 is exactly half way through the year. And there are still plenty of unworn clothes in my wardrobe and countless combinations…luckily!
So to celebrate on this gloriously sunny day, I put on my faithful Gap skinny jeans with a hand-me-down top from my mum in a colour I wouldn’t normally buy. But the brown is warm enough for me to get away with worn with hot pink lippy. We started with fab breakfast at Bang Coffee Bar on the corner of Kirkland and Old Cleveland in Coorparoo (strongly recommend the fruit loaf with banana and ricotta!).



After getting housework done, I put on some shorts and am off to celebrate with my regular Sunday getting-jobs-done reward: $10 roast lunch at Coorparoo Bowls Club.
Couldn’t think of a lovelier way to spend yet another beautiful Brisbane day.



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  1. Amazing ~ 184 days is unfathomable to me; 365 days will truly be an accomplishment. Thank goodness you have a lot to work with!!


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