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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Day 174 – scarving it up!

Chilling and yet staying warm is the goal this weekend … Is that possible? Stretchy skinny jeans, Bonds singlet and my first pashmina scarf should do the trick. It was a gift from my mum and dad for Christmas in London one year. I have had 12 Christmases without my daddy so it’s older than that and worn with love.


My earrings today were bought in Scotland with my present money from dad’s dad – my Glasgow grandad – they are my little piece of Scotland in a Charles Rennie Mackintosh design. All this love is keeping me warm.


Day 173 – work it out

If anything is going to get my head back into work and out of my winter sick bed it’s this fav work skirt from Cue plus a little colour from my Esprit sweater. Hot pink lippy always helps!


Day 172 – pyjama party?

No I just got beaten by the cough. I knew I would have to have a pjs photo one day so I just got out of bed to take this one.


Day 171 – Jumper Dress

Am heading back to the chilly campus today and am taking my new cough along with me so I decided to rug up and start the day with a cappuccino even before I got my lipstick on. I think I got these boots back just in time for our big temperature drop – you know what I’m talking about here … A max of 21 degrees!
My favourite part of this outfit is my brooch. As you know, I love shopping at Dogstar. So naturally throughout my year of no shopping I have only spent time drooling at Dogstar! Well earlier in the year a friend gave me this gorgeous brooch from Dogstar knowing how much I love their stuff and how important accessories would be for me this year when I started running out of clothes! Very thoughtful and very lovely. Look how pretty it is.



Day 170 – Winter Uniform Day 2!

My sister gave me a Country Road voucher the year I bought my flat and I was thrilled to be able to shop at a time when I was very focused on finance. I bought this dress which was so different from anything else I owned at the time and started my winter uniform trend.
When you see my photo today, can you tell my boyfriend is a car lover? I feel like a girl in car magazine!


Day 169 – Something Blue

I usually wear a black top with black tights and black boots and a dress over the top all winter and after picking up my boots from the repair guy on Saturday they are like new. I couldn’t wait to get into my winter “uniform” and then realised I had better really enjoy this outfit today ’cause I won’t be wearing it again … This winter is going to be a bit of a challenge!
I bought this dress as a bridesmaid option when my brother was getting married in 2009. The brief was simple wear a bright blue dress that makes you feel great and allows for awesome dance moves (always a pre-req in my family). It even has pockets – the ultimate bridesmaid accessory! But when it got vetoed by my mother for not being fancy enough in the fabric department I had a fab silk number made and kept this one to wear to work. The front is too low for me to wear in summer hence its role as a winter staple.
Quick fashion note for winter in Australia:
I just have to remember not to wear this little blue number on State of Origin night as that would represent allegiance with the team from down south – I have learnt this is a massive fashion faux pas living in Brisbane. Fashion bloggers around the world – take heed! Learn from my mistakes should you be in Queensland one football frenzy night. You’ll all see my team appropriate dress on Grand Final night.
By the way, does anyone have a good trick for making a dress different to get me through winter? Looking forward to some good mash up advice 🙂


Day 168 – something old, something new

I arrived home from America in late May to a very chilly Brisbane and a very warm boyfriend with a gift in his hands he felt I needed before I went outside. As I unwrapped it, I could see the gorgeous bold checks and the cosy fabric but how could I have guessed it was to be this magnificent coat reminiscent of 2 of my favourite things – 1960s fashion and The Little Prince?
It was spotted it in our local vintage store and he knew I would love it. We immediately decided that we should design a date during which I could wear my super coat and he could wear his cool new skinny jeans I bought in NYC having been told they were the same as his old favs! They turned out to be not his usual but cool and skinny and a great new look for him!

So tonight we hit the Powerhouse for the World Press photography exhibition and to our delight it also included comedy, yummy dinner and fab coffee!


And we couldn’t resist a little photo taking of our own!



So this old and gorgeous coat became one of my only new things in a year of no new clothes for me.