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Day 178 – looking for ideas to keep warm!

Was too cold to take my jumper off for a pic sorry! I have a black Gap wrap dress on underneath and I had to explain to my gorgeous photographer that the hole in the side is deliberate for wrapping purposes.
Note to self: in first round of throwing out clothes at end of 2012 start with things with holes in them if people are starting to think it’s normal that my clothes have holes!

Maybe mini carpet bowls could do the trick?



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  1. It’s so fun to see your cold-weather clothes when it’s crazy hot where I live… your look is so cute and cozy, I can’t wait for Fall and Winter layering to begin!!

    • Thank you 🙂 yes just noticed that every entry on my blog this week is about staying warm. In Queensland we are really built for summer.
      But I do love layering up too and getting lots of different looks … Hopefully I have enough to get me through! People always ask if I counted outfits before I started the year of no shopping and a different outfit each day but I thought that would have takeN the fun out of it!
      Where are you that is so hot?


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